Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Legends, Zombies, Exams, Paladins and Gods!

I enjoyed this week's episode of Legends of Tomorrow as Sara Lance finally got laid, and I'm okay with that, and the stuff with Wally and Rip going on a drunken binge was quite hilarious. The stuff with Blackbeard was okay, and I have to wonder if this is gonna be the last season for Ray Palmer being on the Wave-Rider.

The season premier of iZombie was really cool, as Seattle has begin basically a quarantined town with the humans basically slave labor, Liv becoming a super Seahawks fan and playing up all the worst traits of that fanbase was hilarious. Blaine's dad getting out the well opens up a whole new world of issues.

On tonight's broadcast I finished off Final Exam, needed eight deaths to do so, the final big boss being a multistage battle was rather intense, but the final boss being the principal of the school was just silly... still it's another game completed. Over on Paladins did a couple of games playing as Barrik, Ash and Ying... and on Smite did the Da Ji Adventure and finally figured out how to use Hel in an arena match.

Highlights are below:

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