Monday, February 19, 2018

Just A Silly Sunday...

Ah tonight was just a relaxing Sunday... not much of interest in the world, which is amazing, but then again most of the stuff that is news doesn't interest me... On tonight's twitch broadcast things started off with Golf With Your Friends... and I didn't like any of the highlights I took, all of which were pretty mundane so none of it ended up on tonight's highlight reel. Then things went over to Smite and had kind of a mixed bag, as my auto-buy was accidentally disabled by me some how and had plenty of losses but a few wins here and there. Kinda grew to like Bastet as I used her in Da Ji's Adventure and in a few arena matches... but without the rest of Dare to Stream, Smite is pretty boring, so I went back to Paladins and had a few more wins than loses and even teamed up with PandaSweet for some awesomeness. Actually got top play in two matches as Barrik and Drogoz.

Anyway here are tonight's highlights:

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