Monday, January 29, 2018

Supergirl, Final Exam, Aladdin, Golf & Raw?!

It's Monday Night January 29, 2018... and I did catch this week's Supergirl first instead of RAW and man this was a clunker of an episode... I'm tired of the Edge character and he doesn't show up often enough for that to happen, plus I didn't care to much for Lilian Luthor's return, but hey she got to use the Lex-Super-Suit, which was pretty bad ass.  Also during the course of tonight's twitch broadcast I kept a casual eye on RAW, and I'm glad the WWE didn't do the stupid thing and have Finn Balor pin John Cena, instead having big match John win and advance to the Elimination Chamber... hopefully this will be his road to Championship #17 and I actually got duped thinking Ronda Rousey appeared on RAW instead of was a replay of her debut last night.

On tonight's twitch broadcast, I did a triple header of games, first mission four of Final Exam was completed, and I'm now half way through that game, then broke out Disney's Aladdin and made it to the Cave of Wonders... and then did a test run of Golf with Your Friends to see if I could stream that, and the answer was a big yes, so that could be some fun casual gaming.

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