Sunday, October 22, 2017

The WWE Refuses To Give Its Own Roster Opportunities At TLC 2017

It's Sunday October 22, 2017...

Later tonight on the WWE Network and Pay-Per-View, the WWE will be airing its TLC: Tables, Ladders & Chairs event, which was already being mocked for just how poorly constructed the card was. However, several performers for the RAW Brand (the group designated for this particular event) was medically prevented from performing and some last minute replacements were made. Sure we often here the phrase 'card subject to change', and if someone gets hurt, that often means an opportunity for someone lower on the card to show they can step up.

Sadly, this is not how the WWE does things, let's go back to when John Cena was injured prior to the No Mercy pay-per-view back in 2007, did the WWE use this as an opportunity to see someone else step up? Answer no, they just had Triple H wrestle three times that night, showing then they have no faith in own performers. Now 10 years later, Bray Wyatt and Roman Reigns were both stricken with viral meningitis and here's what they did: they recalled AJ Styles from an important South American tour to replace Wyatt against Finn Balor and waste the in-ring return of Kurt Angle by using him as a substitute for Roman Reigns in the 3 on 5 TLC match, pissing away millions of dollars in the process

And before I continue, here are list of people who are on the RAW Roster who isn't booked for a match tonight that are non-cruiserweights and not-injured: Apollo Crews, Curt Hawkins, Curtis Axel, Darren Young, Elias, Goldust, Heath Slater, Jason Jordan, Karl Anderson, Luke Gallows, R-Truth, & Rhyno, Titus O'Neil

Ladies and Gentleman, any other promotion on the planet wouldn't do that, and anyone with a brain in their head knows how this should've been handled by the WWE amd it could've been handle on the air for the pre-show and the event itself... that is if Vince McMahon, Stephanie McMahon and Triple H weren't complete idiots.

One for the replacement Bray Wyatt, you have Finn Balor cut a promo and have someone else who is not already scheduled for a match interrupt and challenge him for a match, because being on a big event like TLC is a big pay-day for the wrestlers. You know who would be great against Finn in this spot, Elias, who is getting over like Rover as a heel with heat.

Then you have the main event, Dean Ambrose & Seth Rollins are told by General Manager Kurt Angle they need to find a third person for their team to face The Miz, Kane, Braun Stroman, Cesaro & Sheamus... and what I'd book was have Titus O'Neil approach them with Apollo Crews, and it puts Apollo replacing Roman Reigns (which improves the match quality greatly), and by proxy this would have Titus at ring-side since he's more of a manager these days and he could get involved.

What this clearly does is it keeps AJ Styles on the South American tour, it gives guys on correct brand roster an opportunity... and it doesn't waste Kurt Angle, who quite honestly shouldn't be wrestling any more.

Of course, that's just my opinion... and you know I'm not wrong.

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