Thursday, October 12, 2017

Gotham & Arrow: The Demons's Head & Fallout

It's Thursday October 12, 2017... and here are my thoughts on this week's episodes of Gotham & Arrow

GOTHAM: The Demon's Head
This episode focused around the knife Bruce got at the auction, with Ra's Al Guhl tracking it down relentlessly going after it, and everything surrounding that seemed a little rush, and the character comes across a bit too desperate for my liking, but he did come across as creepy cool bastard when he killed Alex towards the end of the episode. His minions were pretty cool, particularly the Golem looking dude who I was half expecting to say 'My Precious' at some point. Sophia Falcone's interactions with the Penguin was interesting as it seems like she is trying to figure out how she is going to deal with him and how she disapproved of his methods seems like its going be an all out war between the Falcones and Penguin. What really came off bad was Penguin and Riddler's interactions as it just comes across too hokey but we got to see Mister Freeze again. Overall a decent episode in my opinion.

ARROW: Fallout
Let me say something funny, a guy at work said that Smallville's Superman was going to be the one to save everyone, and I know Tom Welling said he was open for a cameo appearance on Flash...
so with that said I was very keen to see how things feel out following the Island explosion last season.Confirmed alive was Oliver, William Dig, Wild Dog, Mr. Terrific, Dinah, Quinton Lance... and Black Siren (Evil Laurel) who blows up the STPD... with the only confirmed casualty being William's Mom at first... until Slade is confirmed to have survived who found Theaseemingly  died on the island but she's in a coma and Slade is hanging around town. We get Oliver trying to deal with raising William, Quinton coping with having shot Black Siren, Diggle apparently now dealing with PTSD or being unable to aim anymore... and a killer cliff hanger Oliver's identity of being the Green Arrow being exposed.  A really damn good season opener on all fronts

Mass Effect 2 Highlights October 11, 2017

Here are highlights from my October 11, 2017 broadcast of Mass Effect 2

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