Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Quake Champions, The Flash & DC's Legends of Tomorrow

It's Tuesday, October 10, 2017... and here is a blurb of thoughts regarding a video game and two of my shows.


As part of the November Monthly Bundle over at Humble Bundle was Quake Champions, and while it's clear it will push my current PC to its limits even on its lowest setting, I wanted to try it... and sadly, I couldn't really do much because of the most ass-backwards tutorial imaginable. A tutorial should give you the basics of how to play so a player wouldn't be loss... but instead it forces players to do a time trial with color coded targets that is much more frustrating than any thing I've played all year.

That said, the game looks good and the controls are easy enough, but the tutorial in its current form needs to go before I can really dive into this.

Still... I say if you want a good Quake game, get Quake II

THE FLASH: The Flash Reborn (S4,Ep1)

The season four premier of the Scarlet Speedster sees Iris being an uber bitch similar to Kara on this week's Supergirl, and Barry being pulled out of the Speed Force thanks to a 6 month long plan by Cisco because a Samuroid (Samurai / Android) wants to face the Flash or destroy the city. Barry being all out of sorts speaking gibberish is well handled, and with Iris basically putting herself in danger to get him to 'come out of it' was predictable... and we got a nice teaser on the big bad for the season


The best of of the DCW shows is back with Rip being a dick because the Legends broke history... and the Legends ending up in silly jobs (out of Rory who is in Aruba) until Julius Caesar shows up. This episode is all about Sara and company proving themselves and wanting get back to traveling through time and setting things right, only for Caesar to get a a hold of future knowledge to conquer all of the world. Rip showing up and his 'professionals' make things worst with the Legends stepping up and kicking all sorts of Roman ass! I love this show!

Supergirl & Valor

It's Tuesday October 10, 2017...

Last night prior to streaming Bendy & The Ink Machine Chapter 3 (highlights which can be found here) I watched the season premier of Supergirl and the series premier of Valor both airing on the CW.


It's been six months since the deal with the Daxam Invasion... and Kara is basically pulling a Barry Allen with a pity party of wanting to cut off from everyone around her and just focusing on being Supergirl...and this was really not a good way to start off the new season, even though it was a necessary evil considering everything.  The real issue is that just about everyone is telling her to get over it when they know it was her decision, her choice to use the lead device which forced Mon-El to leave. There were some positives in the episode such as the unveiling of the Supergirl statue, Lena buying CatCo to keep it out of a rival's hands and more of the silly domestic drama of Sawyer and Danvers.


I was looking forward to this show, as I think there is a lot of stories that can be told over the course of half-season series to build up to a big special ops season finale, but I feel a little let down with the execution here We are introduced to our main characters, and not one of them is really all that likeable or interesting, and it seems like Valor will focus on the double-lives these characters have with keeping secrets of professional and personal natures away from loved ones. Case in point, the character of Nora is clearly in a relationship but before the episode even ends it's teased there will be something hot and heavy with someone who isn't her boyfriend.

Bendy & The Ink Machine Chapter 3 Highlights & Blog

Here are highlights from my October 9, 2017 broadcast of Bendy & The Ink Machine Chapter 3, I failed to finish this game as you'll see with many of the final highlights being my deaths in 'Angel's Wrath'.

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Chapter three of Bendy & The Ink Machine is awesome... very awesome... great atmosphere, very straight forward, and very in depth... with perhaps one hell of a pain of the ass battle that I couldn't finish, the battle being Angel's Wrath where the Butcher gang come to take Alice Angel and all we have to deal with them... is a pipe. It takes six hits to take each one down and two bum-rush you... and every so often ink monsters appear as well. I felt I got better with each attempt but frustration was getting the best of me.

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