Monday, October 9, 2017

Doctor Who The Ark Part 1: The Steel Sky

It's Monday October 9, 2017 and this week I'm kicking off my four-part look of the next Doctor Who story The Ark, with part 1 'The Steel Sky'.

Get Doctor Who: The Ark on DVD:

  • First aired March 5, 1966
  • Viewers: 5.5 Million (Down 300,000 from part 4 of The Massacre of St Bartholomew's Eve)
  • This is Dodo's first adventure, and takes place  in the year 10 Million AD
  • This is the earliest story from season three of Doctor Who to exist completely. It was released on VHS in 1998 and DVD in 2011

Redshirt Highlights October 8, 2017

Here are highlights from my October 8, 2017 broadcast of Redshirt!

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