Friday, September 29, 2017

Bubblecrisis Tokyo 2040: "Woke up with a Monster"

It's Friday, September 29, 2017... and this week I am going over "Woke up with a Monster" which is episode ten of Bubblegum Crisis Tokyo 2040!

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Paladins: Raeve Maeve Is So Relaxing

It's Friday, September 29, 2017....

As you know I play a lot of Paladins, hell you can normally find me playing it in the morning before work, after I get home and before I go to bed... and I tend to be on the Front Line or play Support, because of a bulldog mentality I have of just get to the objective and do everything I can to capture the point for my team... a mind set that doesn't really lend itself to Damage or Flank types...

But a recent addition to the 'customization' options of the champions in the game for Maeve is changing that for me... you see the 'Raeve' skin, which sees Maeve blasting some rave music from her coat has made the character a little more relaxing to play, since her music overpowers the normal in game music for the player, so it's a game changer.

For those who don't know, the normal music in Paladins is big and bombastic, getting you geared up for a big battle (hence why I normally am on the Front Line or playing Support), but the Raeve Maeve's music, makes it seem like a party and it just chills everything down a bit and with out the big drums of the normal in-game soundtrack blasting in the ears, I've been able to focus a bit more on making sure I hit with everyone of Maeve's attacks and abilities since the Raeve skin has been added.

Question is... will I eventually take her into Competitive mode? That's a big 'what if' at this point. eventually I would like to have Maeve in my stable of go-to characters for that mode along side Fernando, Ash, Ying, Inara, & Seris.. but it'll probably be a long road of getting to there from here before that happens.

Star Trek Online Highlights 9/28/2017 | Fred Casden's Basement

Hello Dwellers and Welcome to the Basement

Here are some highlights from my September 28, 2017 broadcast of Star Trek Online!

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9/22/2019 Sunday Night Overwatch