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The Daleks Master Plan Part 8: Volcano

On this week's edition of Tales From The TARDIS, I go over part 8 of The Daleks Master Plan, titled Volcano! 

QUICK NOTES ABOUT THE EPISODE Episode is lost, only exists in audio form, plus still, fragments and via reconstruction methods used to create visual aspect of episode by Loose Cannon and various other reconstruction teamsThe Return of The Monk from The Time Meddler in his 2nd and last TV appearance, the character would appear in various Doctor Who expanded media stories, most notably in series 4 of the Eight Doctor AdventuresFootage from a Cricket Match is used at about 8:30 seconds as the TARDIS lands to disrupt the gameFootage from A Volcano Eruption is used at 11:47Also appears that still from The Meddling Monk serial is used as wellStill Photos / Live Firework Footage shown at 22:00, as it seems as if they landed on New Years Eve / Day 1966