Wednesday, June 7, 2017

John Cena Speaks The Truth: 'They're not as motivated; They fail to operate at an elite level"

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Recently 'The Wrap' did an interview with WWE Superstar John Cena and part of it got spotlighted on Yahoo's front page with the headline 'John Cena Buries His Reputation For Burying Other WWE Talent' and after reading it, one can easily see that Cena is right, the WWE has a roster of male performers who aren't as motivated to succeed and who fail continuously to perform on an elite level because they all hide behind the same shield of 'the internet loves me so I deserve to be in Cena's spot' mentality and when they do get an opportunity, they always do the same crap 'pipebomb promo' of whining and complaining about how they are so much better in the ring than Cena, only for reality check to be cashed when people realize that CM Punk, Daniel Bryan, Kevin Owens, Dolph Ziggler or whoever happens to me the 'message board hero' of the moment doesn't put in half the effort Cena did day in and day out for the better part of 15 years

And this has become more apparent as Cena has taken a reduced role, because lets face it, he's more than earn the part-time status, and we see a roster just content with 'being there' and hoping now that Cena's not there as much, they will get their chance to shine. What this has lead to is the WWE shoving Roman Reigns down the throats of the audience with a 'learn to love it mentality', bringing back worthless fuck wads like Matt & Jeff Hardy and the continued reliance on guys who clearly don't want to be there like Brock Lesnar. For crying out loud, the WWE is having The Miz point out on world-wide television as to why he's getting opportunities: it because there are so many guys squandering their own (such as Dean Ambrose).

But all is not hopeless... just look at the case of Jinder Mahal...  who was a guy who had a long tenure with the company, was fired by the company, worked his way back to the company and got himself into the best damn condition possible to show he wanted a chance and has proved himself worth of said chance when the opportunity was presented to him. Is he a great 'in ring performer', hell no, but hey he earned the spot and hasn't dropped the ball yet. Hopefully more WWE talent will see Jinder's drive and try to match it, cause other wise, it's just gonna be the same old song and dance, and there won't be a John Cena around to save the ship as it continues to sink.

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