Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Pretty Hateful Lee and Liv's Dungeon & Dragons

Hello Dwellers and Welcome to the Basement...

This week's topics are Gotham: Heroes Rise: Pretty Hate Machine and iZombie: Twenty-Sided, Die

Among The Sleep: Reaction

Hello Dwellers and Welcome to the Basement...

I've played many games on Twitch from Power Rangers to Smite, from Star Trek Online to Saints Row: Gat out of Hell... but last night certainly was 'something different' with Among the Sleep.

Released in May of 2014, in this game you play as toddler on his second birthday whose mother is a bit stingy with the cake and a bit disapproving of a present that arrives for our two-foot tall hero, which happens to be a teddy bear that 'talks' and doubles as a flash light when hugged tightly. That night, the teddy bear is taken, the crib tumbles overs, it's dark, there's thunder and lighting and our compact hero is off to find his mama.... and what ends up happening is the player experiences some serious nightmare fuel that sees the kid clutching his teddy bear through some a house that has been turned into something from the mind of twisted fucks who wrote SAW... and there are monstrous creatures chasing him as well! Let me put it this way: fuck the achievements, we got to find mommy cause there's some scary shit going on... which certainly ends up seeming like a bad idea.

Played from the first-person perspective, you have pretty basic stuff for controls, WASD keys to move, use the mouse to look around, space bar to climb, shift to run and left crtl to switch between crawling and walking (thought crawling is faster), using the F key squeezes the teddy bear which acts like a flash light, but you can only use it when walking, which I found myself doing most of the time.  The left mouse button allows you to interact with objects (pick up and hold for example) while the right allows you to throw items (this comes into play twice) I played this game with headphone on, and the sound mix is enough to kick into the instinct of what you should do, such as the rapid heart beats of the terrific terrified tyke telling you to hug that teddy bear tightly!

Now during my live twitch broadcast last night, I compared this game to the Turing Test which I played recently, and I still stand by that, as both contain puzzles that seem obvious but aren't exactly obvious. Overall I did enjoy this game, even though I don't think I will re-visit it any time soon.


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