Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Star Trek Online Competitive Failure and The Toxic Feelings Its Generating

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As many know, I'm a long time player of Star Trek Online, hell the day the game launched I signed up for the lifetime membership and I have had very few complaints about the game... until the latest major update to the game, Season 13: Escalation... and what was promised as a renewed effort at once aspect of the game that has fallen by the wayside over the years: player vs player content.

Now I was never the biggest fan of PVP content, but even I have to admit there is something fun to facing off against someone other than the game's Artificial Intelligence, and I was very exited about about seeing some attention brought to it beyond the long abandoned Arena, Assault & Capture and Hold content.... but what we got... is a fucking mess.

What STO gave the players is three variations on a theme.... two teams of five racing against each other to complete a series of objectives with very little if any direct interaction between the two teams, and to make matters worse, there is not enough time at the beginning of each game, for new players to get briefed on what to do, let alone for a Pick Up Group (group of five players queued up thrown together) to form any type of plan

And as someone who loves playing in PUGs, I can tell you because of how ass-backwards theses new 'competitive queues' are set up, it is not uncommon to see a whole lot of angry feelings being shared in the team chat and rage quitting. Hell it's part of why I've yet to do a game session playing involving the new content beyond the new standard mission that came out the same day. The other reason why is that because it requires 10 people to queue up for it, and a lot of waiting which on a good day can take 5 minutes from the times I get on to play STO, which tells me that despite this new content launching on April 25.... less than a month later, the player base is unhappy with it.

Combine that with yet another reputation grind-fest, designed to force players to play this specific content, and to say the toxic feeling are running high would be an understatement.

So where do we go from here? Well I have a bad feeling that the developers will not be learning from this mistake and instead will be producing more 'competitive PVE' content instead of actual PVP going forward because of how many players in STO will go through the forced grind to get all the special gear associated with the corresponding reputation. One can just hope that the developers learned from this colossal fuck up.

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