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Star Trek Online Competitive Failure and The Toxic Feelings Its Generating

Hello Dwellers and Welcome to the Basement...

As many know, I'm a long time player of Star Trek Online, hell the day the game launched I signed up for the lifetime membership and I have had very few complaints about the game... until the latest major update to the game, Season 13: Escalation... and what was promised as a renewed effort at once aspect of the game that has fallen by the wayside over the years: player vs player content.

Now I was never the biggest fan of PVP content, but even I have to admit there is something fun to facing off against someone other than the game's Artificial Intelligence, and I was very exited about about seeing some attention brought to it beyond the long abandoned Arena, Assault & Capture and Hold content.... but what we got... is a fucking mess.

What STO gave the players is three variations on a theme.... two teams of five racing against each other to complete a series of objectives with very little if any direct interaction between the t…

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