Thursday, May 4, 2017

Witchblade Tomb Raider #1

Hello Dwellers and Welcome to the Basement... This week's comic book review & recommendation is the 2nd crossover between Witchblade & Tomb Raider


Released in December 1998, this is the 2nd crossover between cult-comic favorite Witchblade and the Tomb Raider franchise, the first issue was released in 1997, but I've never came across a copy of it, but that's only the 'hisotic first meeting between' Lara Croft and Sara Pezzini... and since I don't have it, let's talk about what i do have.

This has multiple cover variations, the one I have is the Babbage's version, Babbage's for those who don't know, was a video game retailer which many today would known as  Game Stop. If memory serves me right, I got this comic around the same time Tomb Raider 3 came out for the PC... and may have gotten both the comic and the game the same day.

The story (by Michael Turner & Bill O'Neil) for this is that Sara 'Witchblade' Pezzini is Lara Croft's guest for a London Vacation, arrives at a museum as a robbery is in progress and gets roped into retrieving the idol of Bastet from a woman who is obsessed with cats. It is a decent little self-contained story with Lara filling Sara in on who, what, where and why with decent action.

The artwork (done by Turner) is pretty good for the most part, though as indicated by the cover, both Lara and Sara are a bit on the aneriexic side. Now I haven't ready many Witchblade comics, but being painfully thin is something I've never associated with Lara Croft in the Tomb Raider franchise, even back in late 90s.

Anyway, In terms of availability,, has some of the variation covers editions available as of the date of this video's posting, with prices ranging from $1.70 for the more common Marc Silvestri cover up to $175 for the Michael Turner Nikini / Bedroom variant.

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