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Camden Comic Con 2017

Hello Dwellers and Welcome to the Basement...

Today was the 4th annual Camden Comic Con held at Rutgers University in downtown Camden, New Jersey, and unlike last year, it was bright and sunny! Yes we got all of the rain out of the way on Wednesday of this week!

While I was there I was actually recognized by one of the founders of the C3, I do have a rather distinctive look, and learned a little bit about how it got started. Turns out it was due to a one-off event regarding local artists and people loved it, and it turned into a great annual event.

Speaking of familiar fac, met Diana Leto, Mike Capprotti, Fernando Jimenez, Jeff Schultz, Jen Tracy (Who told me about the No Sleep podcast that I'm looking forward to checking out), Ryan Brady, Phillip McNulty & Jay Taylor, all of who I met last year, it was great chatting them briefly, and I had a rather long talk with Mark Holmes (the long time writer of FemForce) and learned of a film he made that I intend to track down. Also me…