Saturday, February 4, 2017

Power Rangers Super Legends: Overdriven Operations #TeamEmmmmsie,

Hello Dwellers and Welcome to the Basement

Today we're playing Power Rangers Super Legends, which was released in 2007, and go through the first level and Megazord battle!

So since I was able to get the game to work on Windows 10, but couldn't get OBS to 'catch it' to stream, went back to a straight up recording and upload of his Lets Play sessions

The Real Ghostbusters: Cry Uncle

Hello Dwellers and Welcome to the Basement... Today we're diving back into the Ghostbusters Containment Unit with a review of the Real Ghostbusters episode 'Cry Uncle'


The Real Ghostbusters
Cry Uncle
Season 2, Episode 6 (Syndication)
Original Air Date: November 12, 1987

Talking Points:
Uncle Cryus is not a bad guy, he’s just worried about his nephew and the possibility that he’s wasting his talents, which is totally understandable, as I have family who feels the same way about me.

Uncle Cryus suffers from Velma-syndrome in that he can’t see squat without his glasses

The Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man’s appearance is a bit weird in terms of his design being a little ‘wonky’ and a bit over the top, similar to how it looked in the pitch-pilot video for the show. Also this episode was the first time he officially appeared in the show and only time as a villain (all other appearances Stay-Puft is a friend to the Ghostbusters)

There is quite a lot of actual ghostbusting, with the smaller poltergeists the boys deals with having some nice, but generic designs.

Winston is the one who comes up with the plan on how to capture Stay-Puft, not Peter, Ray or Winston. Sadly this is an element that gets downplayed following the Q5 debacle where Winston is reduced to just being the ‘driver / mechanic’. There is also a great callback to the film where Winston was unsure about ghosts until he saw it (and as indicated in Look Homeward Ray, sometimes it turns him white!)

There is a major error when Egon gets Stay-Puft’s attention where he turns into Peter for an instant… this would happen quite a lot in the series where Egon & Peter would for some reason be swapped due to mistakes.

9/20/2019 A Night Of Ultimate Marvel Vs Capcom 3

This was an interesting stream as I streamed Ultimate Marvel Vs Capcom 3, and we had issues with a troll in the later stages of it. Now lets...