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Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD: Wake Up

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It's Tuesday Night and we had a brand new episode of Marvel's Agents of SHIELD titled 'Wake Up' (Season 4 Episode 11), and of course here are my thoughts on it... and the return of an old problem just kills this episode. Spoiler Warning in effect!

The Flash: Borrowing Problems From The Future

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Tonight, weekly recaps of new episodes of  The Flash return to this pokey little YouTube Channel with episode 10 of season 3 'Borrowing Problems From The Future'

Spoiler Warning Is In Effect

The following is my notes for this episode
The Flash Borrowing Problems From The Future Season 3, Episode 10

Barry is obsessing over the look of the future he got with Savitar killing Iris, to the point he’s screaming in his sleep, he’s avoid talking about it to Iris, much to her annoyance. During a robbery, Barry encounters a villain called Plunder who he recognizes from a short news report he saw in the future, the distraction causes Barry to get blasted by a futuristic weapon. During another heist, Barry captures Plunder but has to deal with tracer rounds that can track him and keep up with him, but it’s dealt with easy enough. When Barry goes to fully apprehend Plunder, he gets distracted with the vision of the future, and …

Gotham - Mad City: Smile Like You Mean It

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Today we are going over last night's episode of Gotham, 'MAD CITY: Smile Like You Mean It', which was episode 13 of season 3. This does contain spoilers on the episode.

These are notes I took while watching the episode
Smile Like You Mean It
Season 3, Episode 13

In trying to revive Jerome, Dwight activates his acolytes around the city; Selina's mom's intentions come to light; tensions between Penguin and Nygma grow.

Dwight is leading a cult of Jerome followers, lots of Joker symbolism in terms of laguhing style and look of the followers, with a symbol of eyes and hahahaha gang-tag. they have followers everywhere including the GCPD. When unable to revivie Jermone, Dwight cuts off his face to use as mask on his own, pretending to be Jerome, this doesn't go over well with the followers  at first, but when Dwight saying they all are Jermone it wins them over. They hit the channel 9 news station, t…