Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD: Wake Up

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It's Tuesday Night and we had a brand new episode of Marvel's Agents of SHIELD titled 'Wake Up' (Season 4 Episode 11), and of course here are my thoughts on it... and the return of an old problem just kills this episode. Spoiler Warning in effect!

The Flash: Borrowing Problems From The Future

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Tonight, weekly recaps of new episodes of  The Flash return to this pokey little YouTube Channel with episode 10 of season 3 'Borrowing Problems From The Future'

Spoiler Warning Is In Effect


The following is my notes for this episode

The Flash
Borrowing Problems From The Future
Season 3, Episode 10

Barry is obsessing over the look of the future he got with Savitar killing Iris, to the point he’s screaming in his sleep, he’s avoid talking about it to Iris, much to her annoyance. During a robbery, Barry encounters a villain called Plunder who he recognizes from a short news report he saw in the future, the distraction causes Barry to get blasted by a futuristic weapon. During another heist, Barry captures Plunder but has to deal with tracer rounds that can track him and keep up with him, but it’s dealt with easy enough. When Barry goes to fully apprehend Plunder, he gets distracted with the vision of the future, and Wally intervenes and saves Barry when Plunder’s gun is going to fire on its own. Barry eventually shows Iris what is bothering him in the original Wells time vault, showing her the headline where the by-line changed and tells her what he saw in the future. Barry reveals he didn’t try to capture Plunder to ‘change the future’ and it’s another case of Barry being an idiot and selfish. Iris wonders how long till her murder at the hands of Savitar, and it’s four months and she tells him it can’t be done alone. They fill in everyone else on the plan and that Joe needs to be left out of the loop, also that changing the future is possible, which HR explains that it will be difficult because changing the wrong details could be disastrous. Cisco vibes Barry to May 23, 2017 to try and get clues, seeing what Barry saw when he came out of the speed force, getting headlines on things that occurred including that Killer Frost is still at large, Star Labs closes, the city suffers a Gorilla attack and that HR is also there on a rooftop pointed at Savitar. So the challenge is to change all the headlines… also Plunder escapes from police custody, and Barry remembers in the future that Plunder was captured at a museum, so he and Wally go after him and its to have Wally capture Plunder to change the fact that Barry did originally. Plunder’s tech can slow them down but not stop them, and Wally ends up capturing Plunder with the crowd chanting ‘Kid Flash’.

Wally is fully in gear as Kid Flash and Barry teaches him various aspect of their powers via shadowing Barry, however a detective on the scene has a negative view of Kid Flash because he didn’t do anything to save him. Wally is eager to get out there, and Joe agrees because for the best way for Wally to learn is to get out there and do it. When Wally saves Barry from Plunder’s weapon, it is captured on camera by a bystander. Everyone but Barry is happy about Wally getting involved… but Barry comes around when Plunder escaped and says Wally is more than ready, so they team up to deal with him.

HR has Star Labs ready for a soft opening so that profit can be made, and he has fixed up the labs to to be a straight up museum, including making Cisco a virtual tour guide much to his dismay. Barry asks HR about his novels on if he wrote about traveling to the future… trying to get a writers point of view on if the time can be re-written or not, in HR’s own opinion, he thinks the future is fixed. During the STAR Labs opening, no one comes. Cisco uses this an opportunity to rip on HR when Julian arrives that’s a problem for everyone. HR and Cisco have a heart to heart, because HR failed with the opening and reminding him about being patient with greatness. Cisco contacts a local school to bring in students to visit and if they like it,they would want to revisit with their parents.

Caitlin checks on Julian and to get his help to get rid of her powers, he apparently isn’t sleeping. Julian turns her down. On top of that, the cuffs Caitlin uses have been on the fritz, apparently they need a charge up every so often. Julian reaches out to Caitlin, saying that he is trying to avoid thinking that he’s Dr Alchemy, and he’s feeling guilt over the lives that were lost. Caitlin offers Julian to come to STAR Labs to be apart of the team to help him move on. He does accept the offer, and Caitlin explains to everyone else she needs Julian’s help and reminds them of the things they’ve done together. Episode ends at a house warming party at Barry & Iris’s new place, Julian arrives and joins the team. Julian and Cisco come up with solar energy power dampening necklace for Caitlin.

Last shot of the episode hsows a portal opening and someone coming through looking for HR, setting up next week’s episode.

Gotham - Mad City: Smile Like You Mean It

Hello Dwellers And Welcome to the Basement...

Today we are going over last night's episode of Gotham, 'MAD CITY: Smile Like You Mean It', which was episode 13 of season 3. This does contain spoilers on the episode.


These are notes I took while watching the episode

Smile Like You Mean It
Season 3, Episode 13

In trying to revive Jerome, Dwight activates his acolytes around the city; Selina's mom's intentions come to light; tensions between Penguin and Nygma grow.

Dwight is leading a cult of Jerome followers, lots of Joker symbolism in terms of laguhing style and look of the followers, with a symbol of eyes and hahahaha gang-tag. they have followers everywhere including the GCPD. When unable to revivie Jermone, Dwight cuts off his face to use as mask on his own, pretending to be Jerome, this doesn't go over well with the followers  at first, but when Dwight saying they all are Jermone it wins them over. They hit the channel 9 news station, take it over to make an announcment. The GCPD surrounded the building and Dwight receit lines from when Gordan dealt with Jermone. The GCPD gets into the bulding through the vent system  and capture Dwight and the followers live o nthe air

A phone at crime scene reveals the mole at the GCPD, who is someone who had a good career but he ends up laguhing in the faces of Harvey and Jim, they beat on him, but Lee intervens to give sodium penthol to get him to talk. Lee sees the double standard of Jim bending the rules cause she's pissed at him for  killing Mario.

However when Jerome's body is found and brought to the GCPD, he starts to wake up and takes Lee Hostage, Jerome gets filled in on wha'ts his missed, and then eventually wonders where his face is. Jerome ends up seeing the broadcast and heads right for the news station. Lee tells Jim that Jerome is alive as he arrives to take Dwight. disguesed as cop. Jerome staples his face back on. Dwight wonders if Jerome is mad (he's nuts). Jerome broadcasts the fact that he's back from the dead, and he kills Dwight for cutting off his face, blowing him up and taking otu a power plant at the same time sending Gotham into Darkness

All Indiana Hill stuff was basically given back to Wayne Enterprises by the government

Barbara visits Oswald taunting him over his failed interview saying that people in the criminal underworld are seeing and opportunity. Oswald wants Ed . Barbara says she'll arrange a meeting with the other criminal heads for Oswald to fix things, but it's all a plot to get him to start taking out other rivals, but Oswald sees through it but it turns out what Barbara is saying is true when a Tommy Bones says he'll kill Ed, which sends Oswald over the edge. Bones is killed as part of the ploy all in all to get Oswalrd and the five criminal familes to go to war against each other. Ed calls Oswald and tells him he's at a Cain chemical plant

Bruce agrees pays off Maria Kyle's debt to Coal, Maria considers leaving, Selina is upset at how this is being handled . Maria takes the money to Coal and it turns out it was all a ploy by the two of them to get fast cash. Selina puts 2 & 2 together and realizes the whole routine was to take advantage of her relationship with Bruce. Selina tells her mother to never return. Selina goes to Bruce and asks him if he knew her mother was only after the mother, he said yes , Bruce didn't have an option either way if he told her the truth. Selina is rightfulyl angry cause her mom only came after her because of Bruce

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