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Supergirl: Supergirl Lives

Hello Dwellers and Welcome to the Basement...

Tonight we welcome back Supergirl to the weekly line up of segments with 'Supergirl Lives' (Season 2, Episode 9).

Note: This will have spoilers, you have been warned

Maiden of Steel
These are the notes I took during the episode
Opening sees Supergirl & Guardian (Olsen) dealing with Jewel Thieves, Winn gets involved and smacked around, Supergirl is annoyed with Guardian's 'help', plus she is bored 'mundane' crimes. Alex and Maggie are hitting it off, they spent the night together and Alex is just glowing.

A woman comes to Kara and the Chief Snapper Carr looking for help to find her missing daughter. Kara wants to help, Carr is less than thrilled because he was denied 5 minutes of peace, his coffee and dansih. Kara goes to Maggie Sawyer for info, turns out there is an increase in missing people, they all had blood work done

Mon-El now works at the alien dive bar, and it suits him just fine.  But he wants to Help K…

Camden Comic Con 2017: Updated Guest List!!!!

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Camden Comic Con, as you know, is April 8, 2017 as the Rutgers Campus in my hometown of Camden, New Jersey... and news has just been coming out continuously about whose going to be there. It is a free to attend event, so you buying tickets in advance, there will be vendors and artists to buy goodies from since it's a convention... and let me tell you, you never know what you might find, last year I took only $150 and came away with one hell of haul of goodies!

In fact, here is last years report on the event! 

But enough about last year, what's happening THIS YEAR!

Well the guest list has grown a lot since the last time I talked about the C3... here's the updated list of those attending

Andrea Tsurumi Illustrator, Why Would You Do That, Girls Who Code
Derick Jones
Illustrator, Fight Nights in Kowloon, Rumble Moon Vol 1
Dean Haspiel
Artist, American Ssplendor, Spider-Man
Mike Manley
Artist, The Phantom, Batman
Tim Hamilton
Artist, Fahrenh…

Doctor Who The Crusade - BONUS CONTENT

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You may have noticed that the thumbnails for my look at The Crusade had colored images instead of black and white, that's because on the Loose Cannon Productions reconstruction, in the intro and outro, they had the images in color.

Doctor Who: The Crusade Part 4 - The Warlords

Hello Dwellers and Welcome to the Basement...

We're kicking off the week with my look at part 4 of the Doctor Who story 'The Crusade', titled 'The Warlords'.

Also: For a great CGI Reconstruction of this episode check out WHO RECONS at

Time and Relative Dimensions
Doctor Who The Crusade Part 4: The Warlords Original Air Date: April 17, 1965 Viewers: 9.5 Million (Up half a million from previous week)

On a day I have to go to the Doctors, we’re kicking things off with Doctor Who: Tales From The TARDIS as we conclude our look at the four part story ‘The Crusade’ with ‘The Warlords’. Like part two of the story, this is a ‘lost episode’, and for the purpose of this review I was using the reconstruction done by Loose Cannon Productions back in the year 2000, which used telesnaps and audio to reform the episode. But there is another great reconstruction of the episode out there, go check out the YouTube channel ‘Who Recons’ and see the great work…