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From Battlefield 3 to Duke Nukem 3D! | #TeamEmmmmsie

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So everyone seems to play the Battlefield games right? Well tonight I give you a demonstration on why I don't before returning to the safety of Duke Nukem 3D - GOD MODE IS IN EFFECT PEOPLE!"

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Quiz Show

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On this edition of Basement Matinee, I am reviewing the 1994 Film 'Quiz Show' which was directed by Robert Redford, and starred John Tuturro & Ralph Fiennes

All The Answers

Quiz Show
1994 Film Directed By Robert Redgord
Starring: John Tuturro & Ralph Fiennes

At various points in time, game shows, in particular quiz shows on television become incredible popular, often due to the ‘drama’ that is created within the theatrics of the show in order to lure in viewers, some recent examples of these include Who Wants To Be A Millionaire & The Weakest Link, which during their initial runs were the hottest shows on American Television… and when their popularity eventually faded the shows were either dumped into mid-day syndication or canceled out right. Now turn back the clock to the 1950s, same thing was occurring with a show called 21 which aired on NBC, using various theatrics during the ‘game’ to create a sense of drama, but at the same time ‘rigging the game’ by ensuring a desired person won in order to keep ratings high and money from sponsors coming in.

It is those real events involving the likes of Herb Stempel and Charles Van Doren who became the ‘faces’ of scandals involving the business of Quiz Shows, which serves the bases for the 1994 Film ‘Quiz Show’ directed by Robert Redford. The film itself condenses a lot of history and re-works certain elements for the sake of drama and presenting a narrative, but from what I read it paints fair picture of the mindset of network executives of NBC who wanted to keep 21 strong in the ratings by replacing Stempel with Van Doren for the simple fact that Van Doren was a ‘prettier face’ for television while having the education credentials to cover up the fact they were supplying him the answers just like they did with Stempel. We are also presented angles showing Stempel feeling betrayed by the network, Van Doren and his crisis of conscience, as well as the investigation process that lead to congressional hearings in 1959.

At 133 minutes obviously some liberties and creative license was used for the film as I previously indicated, but after re-watching it, it is very well done film from start to finish, that if you were unaware of the history that it was presenting you would find yourself engaged, because you can and will sympathize with one or more of the characters thanks to effective story telling, and it’s a film that can make a Sunday afternoon just fly by… particularly with how the Atlanta Falcons just thrashed the hell out of the Green Bay Packers, and I encourage you to check it out either on DVD or your favorite digital distribution platform if it happens to be available for viewing

Of there I can’t just end this without giving my opinion on the Quiz Show scandals, and there is a line in the film at the very end that explains, ‘it’s entertaining, they are in show business’. And yes the program may have seen two contestants answering quiz question on a show… but the key word is ‘show’. I don’t think the executives at NBC and behind the show 21 (and other quiz shows on the other networks who got caught up in the scandal) because the laws at the time did not cover putting on a performance under the context of a contest. It wouldn’t be until 1960 where a bill was signed into law preventing the fixing of any contest or game with intent to deceive the audience to ‘prevent’ this from happening again, though I do have my doubts about that.

Star Trek Deep Space Nine: In The Pale Moonlight

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Treks & Voyages returns as I take a look at the Star Trek Deep Space Nine Episode 'In The Pale Moonlight' (Season 6, Episode 19)

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These Are The Voyages...

Star Trek Deep Space Nine
‘In The Pale Moonlight’
Season 6, Episode 19
Original Air Date: April 13, 1998

As many know for certain segments here on this pokey little YouTube channel of mine, I do take requests to review episodes Star Trek & Ghostbusters, and that is why this particular episode of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine is being discussed today, season six’s ‘In The Pale Moonlight’

The war against the Dominion is not going well, and every Friday Captain Benjamin Sisko posts the update list of Starfleet officers that are either dead or missing in action, and one can assume that Klingon Empire is also taking major losses as well on a week to week basis, but if the Romulan Empire was to enter the war, then the tied could be turn, cause all three major powers of the Alpha & Beta Quadrants would be united against a common enemy (A concept that is a key part of Star Trek Online when you really think about it). So on his own accord, Sisko decides to personally bring the Romulans into the war, but to do it, he needs help… the help of a highly skilled former operative of the Cardassian Obsidian Order… the help of a good tailor… one plain… simple… Garak, who is all too happy to assist Sisko in order to drive the Dominion off of his home world once assured that Sisko is committed to doing what needs to be done.

Over the course of the episode we see Garak form and propose a plan to Sisko that involves contacting a Romulan Senator whose voice carries great rate among his people’s leadership to present him with evidence that the Dominion is planning an attack on the Romulan homeworld… this evidence is of course manufactured, and when the plot is exposed, its revealed that Garak had a back up plan to kill the Senator and make it look like he was assassinated by the Dominion, thus giving the Romulans a reason to join the fight. Thus everything was accomplished that need to be done.

But the real heart of this episode is Sisko, for you see the events of In The Pale Moonlight is being told as a retrospective, Sisko looking back over the previous two weeks and all the decisions he made in order to get the Romulans to enter the war: he got a criminal pardoned from the Klingon empire to produce the evidence needed to give to the Senator, when said criminal nearly kills Quark, Sisko bribes the Ferengi to have him avoid pressing charges, Sisko orders Doctor Bashire to pack up contents of a rare and highly regulated substance in trade for a key item (Bashir complies under protest)… basically Sisko lies, cheats, steals all to get what he wants… but because Garak had the Senator kill, Sisko realizes that regardless of how the result, he got what he wanted, the Romulans to join the fight and he’s going to have to live with that fact, because the end justified the means.

Which brings to question the morality of the episode in terms of using less than ‘honorable’ tactics to accomplish a goal, which in a post 9/11 World certainly puts a big spotlight on this episode of Deep Space Nine, because one could say Sisko’s actions and mindset here was no different that those who pushed for Iraq to be invaded, because of supposed manufactured evidence. Sure in the case of Sisko it was to protect the Alpha & Beta Quadrants from the Dominion and it gives the Romulans an opportunity to maintain a status quo of having multiple opponents at an event level instead of one large opponent on all sides… and all it cost was the his self-respect, the life of a Romulan Senator and that of the criminal Sisko got from the Klingons.

Beyond that, this episode is notable for the amount of interaction we get between Sisko and Garak who for the most part never really crossed paths much. Garak by and large is such a contrast to Sisko in that he has no issues of morality, he understands whats at stake and knows that at this stage of the war with the Dominion, it’s best to do what needs to be done by any means necessary, because bringing the Romulans into the war would turn the tide, and the price paid was quite the bargain.

I could go on and on about this episode, as there are individual scenes that just stand out, such as Sisko and Dax role-playing how a conversation with a Romulan would go to try and talk them into the war, pointing out they would need proof instead of speculation of what the Dominion might do if they defeat the Federation & Klingon Empire… as well as the scenes where Sisko is meeting with the Romulan Senator, who has such a cool arrogance about him while listening to Sisko’s arguments, seeing and then examining the fake evidence and giving Star Trek the ‘It’s A Fake’ meme.

In terms of an individual performance, one could argue this is Avery Brooks best performance as Benjamin Sisko (note that in Far Beyond The Stars, he’s playing primarily a different character). The reason being is that he’s speaking directly to the viewer / computer as he makes his log entry which is basically a confession, so we are basically sitting back and see how much Brooks has put into the character over the previous five seasons for this episode to show a darker side, which considering where DS9 has gone at this point was perfect timing.

So on that note, I say the following if you have never seen this episode of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, then well I highly encourage you to check it out, even if you’re not a Star Trek fan, you can appreciate how the story was told and the subject matter.

Later this week we’ll take a look at another episode of Deep Space Nine, ‘The Visitor’ and episode that focuses on Jake Sisko and features an actor who just recently was announced to be apart of Star Trek Online, Tony Todd.

Plans For The Week: January 22, 2017 to January 29, 2017

Hello Dwellers and Welcome to the Basement

The following is the rough line up of content that I have planned for the week. As you know, things can often change. This week we are welcoming back weekly reviews of Supergirl, The Flash, DC's Legends of Tomorrow and Arrow. Due to shared time slots of 8 PM EST with Supergirl, Gotham will be reviewed on Tuesdays. In addition, with DC's Legends of Tomorrow now sandwiched between The Flash and Marvel's Agents of SHIELD, Legends will be reviewed on Wednesdays. 

At the moment, Tales From The TARDIS & Talking Anime will both keep double-shots per week but this can change of course. Comics From The Basement will remain on Thursdays, with Treks & Voyages & The Ghostbusters Containment Unit alternating weeks.

Of course I will also pop on twitch for live gaming sessions, normally later in the evenings, but this is effect based on when I produce the scheduled vlogs.
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Monday: Doctor Who The Crusade Part 4

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Star Trek Online: Kobali and the StooDogs of War! Fred Casden's Basemen / #TeamEmmmmsie

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