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Gotham: Mad City - Ghosts

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We welcome back Gotham to the weekly segments here on this pokey little YouTube channel of mine with 'Mad City: Ghosts' (Season 3, Episode 12). Spoiler Warning Is In Effect

 GOTHAM & EGGS Jerome has inspired a cult of 'maniacs', one of whom is working on  way to bring back people from the dead to resurrect JeromeFalcon and Lee put a hit out on Gordan in response to him Killing Mario, Zsasz is professional enough to tell Gordan about it, and treats it as a job .Said hit is called off atfer Lee visits Barnes, realizing that Mario may not have wanted a cure Nygma & Barbara recruited Clayface to act as the ghost of Oswald's father to make him lose his mind, they are playing the long game wanting to break him first then kill himSelina's mother Maria hung around to reconnect with her daughter with some help from Bruce & Alfred, then it takes a turn since someone from her past wants money

Doctor Who: The Crusade Part 2

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Today on Tales from The TARDIS, we'll be going over part two of 'The Crusade', the episode titled 'The Knight of Jaffa'

Note: The version of this episode I was reviewing is the reconstruction that was done by Loose Cannon Productions

The Crusade Part 2: "The Knight of Jaffa"Broadcast Date: April 3, 19658.5 Million Viewers (Down 2 Million)

This episode is one one of the many episodes from the First and Second Doctor Era that was lost and as of yet to be recovered, existing only in audio phone with telesnaps that were taken during production. As stated previously, I happen to have the Loose Cannon Productions ‘reconstruction’ of this episode, and I reviewing this episode of Doctor Who based on the context of the story and plot developments, and what visual representation that was used for ‘rebuilding’.

Also there is a very good 3D Reconstruction of this episode you can view on YouTube go to …

A Series of Unfortunate Events: The Bad Beginning Part 1

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While I have never read the books, nor have I seen the 2004 film starring Jim Carrey, today I will start my look at the Netflix original series 'A Series Of Unfortunate Events' with episode one 'The Bad Beginning' part 1. Spoiler Warning Is In Effect

I shall admit my familiarity with Lemony Snicket’s A Series of Unfortunate Events is virtually non-existence, I never read any of the books, nor did I see the Jim Carrey film that came out in theaters in 2004. But while watching a fellow #TeamEmmmmsie member’s twitch stream (I believe it was Danielle’s Twitter Handle @DanYelltwitch) it came up and since we’re still a week away from the return of the CW’s lineup of DC Universe base shows, I figure why not sit down and watch Netflix’s latest original series.
That said, this video will contain heavy spoilers as part of my review
Right from the start with Episode 1, title ‘The Bad Beginning’ with the theme …

Planned Line Up For The Week Of January 16 2017

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Here is this weeks rough line up of segments for this week, we're welcoming back Gotham to the weekly routine, and it gets tonight's Monday slot since Supergirl doesn't return until next week. I'll also be going over the new Netflix series 'A Series of Unfortunate Events', of the course of the week, doing one episode at a time. We'll be diving into the Ghostbusters Containment Unit with 'Look Homeward, Ray', and of course double shots of classic Doctor Who with part 2 and 3 of the Crusade and episodes 19 & 20 of the Anime Blue Seed. I will also pop onto twitch throughout the week, to play some games as well.

Monday: Doctor Who: The Crusade Part 2
Monday: Gotham
Monday: A Series of Unfortunate Events Episode 1

Tuesday: Marvel's Agents of SHIELD
Tuesday: Netflix A Series of Unfortunate Events Episode 2

Wednesday: Blue Seed Episode 19
Wednesday: A Series of Unfortunate Events Episode 3

Thursday:  Doctor…

Sherlock The Final Problem

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No thanks to PBS who moved Sherlock from 9 PM to 7 PM to the airing of 'The Final Problem', I was able to see the episode thanks to my current cable / internet provider's website. So I bring you my review of the final episode of Sherlock's fourth season. Heavy Spoiler Warning!

Boy oh boy was this a crazy night, and as you know I addressed the issues with Sherlock’s time slot being changed by PBS earlier tonight. Thankfully my Cable / Internet provider got ‘The Final Problem’ online at exactly 9 PM, meaning I was able to sit down, watch and completely enjoy tonight’s episode… just later than everyone else!

And in a world, tonight’s episode was incredible…it was SAW meets Sherlock Holmes when you get right down to it. In many ways felt like the closing chapter on Sherlock as a TV series. Yes I know the show runners Moffat and Gatiss has said they plotted out a fifth series, and Cumberbatch said he signed on for …