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Thoughts on the WWE UK Championship Tournament

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Kind of spur of the moment, as I wasn't planning to cover the WWE United Kingdom Championship Tournament at all... but then I saw that finales match between Tyler Bate and Pete Dunne.... so here we are!

HITTING THE MAT The 2-day tournament was Michael Cole's best work ever as a broadcasterTyler Bate has become an international sensation within the past 24 hours, the 19 year clearly has 'it'Pete Dunne is without question a cross between William Regal & Fit FinlayThis 2-day event shows how a tournament should be done on the WWE Network, do it live not taped early rounds in advance

Austin Idol: WWE Hall of Famer?

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On this week's edition of The RAW View, I talk about The Universal Heartthrob Austin Idol as it relates to him possibly being a WWE Hall of Famer. 

“The Universal Heartthrob’ Austin IdolDebut: 1972 / Retired: 1998Billed Height & Weight 6’, 240 lbsAWA Southern Heavyweight ChampionAWA Southern Tag Team ChampionCWA International Heavyweight ChampionCWA World Heavyweight ChampionCWA World Tag Team ChampionNWA Georgia Heavyweight ChampionNWA Georgia Television ChampionNWA Georgia Tag Team ChampionPWF World Tag Team Champion
While the WWE has a done a great job over the years with inductions to it’s hall of fame, stars from the days of the wrestling territories who were well known are very underrepresented… and part of the reason may be due to lack of footage and probably due to modern fans being unfamiliar with them. Now recently on the Jim Cornette Experience, Cornette had on as his guest The Universal Heartthrob Austin Ido…

Evil Brain From Outer Space

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This week's movie review is a bit different, for 1964's 'Evil Brain From Outer Space' is made up from three different films from Japan's Super Giant franchise!

Evil Brain From Outer SpaceYear Released: 1964
As a kid, one of my favorite VHS tapes was Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: The Epic Begins, which took the first handful of episodes of the series and made it into a movie, with a lot of things left on the cutting room floor to get the story across to the viewer. The concept itself is nothing new, the original Battlestar Gallatica saw many of its episodes combined into a ‘movie’ format as well, and when the BBC released classic Doctor Who on DVD, the episodes are presented as a single ‘film’,

Which brings us to the subject of this movie review ‘Evil Brain From Outer Space’

With a narrator supplying linking dialog footage films under the Japanese ‘Super Giant’ franchisee was used …