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Blue Seed: "Geez!! Oh, Man!! Sakura's Not Good Enough!?"

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This time around on 'Talking Anime', we are up to episode 18 of Blue Seed, titled "Geez!! Oh, Man!! Sakura's Not Good Enough!?", which is the third episode in a row where the story focuses on one character with not much advancement with the overall story.

Episode 18"Geez!! Oh, Man!! Sakura's Not Good Enough!?" Original Air Date: February 1, 1995English Airdate: January 1, 2000
Much like the last two episodes, this is episode focuses on a single character.

Since the 8th episode of the series, Sakura Yamazaki has been a reoccurring character, as a rival for Momiji with a huge ego and self-confidence that sees her say and do things in a rather bombastic… you could say it’s because she spent most of her time in the United States… but it turns out that she has a tragic backstory, for a faithful day, her mother was ‘killed’ trying to defeat an Aragami named Nozuchi and this send Sakura down a path…

New Comic Book Haul: January 13. 2017

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So today was a very good day, as a co-worker donated 20 comics to the Basement today! We got new stuff from DC, Marvel, Image, Dark Horse and a few other publishers


Sif #1 Marvel Comics 2010
Spitfire #1 Marvel Comics 2010
X-Men First Class #1 Marvel Comics 2007
Vampirella Quarterly: Halloween 2008 #1 Harris 2008
Next Gen Warz #1 Image 2010
Gladstones School for World Conquerors #1 Image 2011
Gotham City Sirens #9 DC Comics 2010

Doctor Who: The Crusade Part 1

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Today we kick off our four-part look at the Doctor Who story the  'The Crusade' with part 1 'The Lion'. Please note: the version I'll be reviewing is the reconstructed version done by Loose Cannon Productions in 2000. In addition, I go through Julian Glover's interview of his memories of filming his first foray into Doctor Who.

The Crusade Part 1 – The LionAir Date: March 27, 1965Viewers: 10.5 Million (down 1 million from previous week)
Today we begin our look at the four part Doctor Who story the Crusade, but like with Marco Polo and The Reign of Terror, The Crusade is yet another story in the history of Doctor Who with missing episodes, namely parts 2 and 4. But with many of the missing episodes of Doctor Who, there have been reconstruction efforts, and the one I happen to have in my archive of goodies is the one produced by Loose Cannon Productions back when the BBC didn’t consider fully …