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Doctor Who: The Web Planet Part 6

Hello Dwellers and Welcome to the Basement...

Today we are wrapping up our look at the six part Doctor Who Story The Web Planet with 'The Centre', and I'll be going all the paths that lead to the conclusion of perhaps the most underrated Doctor Who story of all time!.

Doctor Who The Web Planet Part 6 "The Centre" Original Airdate: March 20, 1965, 11.5 Million Viewers (down .5 Million from previous week)
For the life of me, I don’t understand how viewership could’ve went down over the last two episodes, and it’s a trend that sadly will continue for several of the next episodes of Doctor Who

The sixth and final chapter of The Web Planet obviously bringseverything to a close, but the road to get there isn’t as ‘easy’ as one would assume knowing the cliff hanger was The Doctor and Vickie being sprayed with some web-fluid at the end of part 5, and then the Animus declares its intent to kill The Doctor and Vickie, ordering them to be brou…

Sherlock: The Lying Detective

Hello Dwellers and Welcome to the Basement...

We're going over the latest episode of Sherlock with 'The Lying Detective' (Season 4, Episode 2)... and there will be spoilers... heavy spoilers... spoilers so heavy that if I were to pick them up I'd break my back! 

Just how do you follow up on the death a fan favorite character like Mary with a teaser ending with a prerecorded message for Sherlock to save John? By having Sherlock nearly dying to allow John to save him! This episode was very keen on stating a clear obvious direction but at the same time planting seeds for next weeks finale. Overall this was a fantastic episode! 
First and foremost, from this point own there will be spoilers, you have been warned…

Because the big thing about this episode is its ending of the revelation of Sherlock and Mycroft’s ‘brother / sister’ is playing games and is totally nuts, setting up an elaborate scheme apparently to sick Sherlock on the heels of a major public…