Sunday, January 8, 2017

The Flying Mare Wrestling Magazine, 1941

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This is a special edition of the RAW View, we're talking wrestling, but we're going back to the 1940s! I was recently sent a copy of the print newsletter that was called the Flying Mare which hyped up a big night of action that took place at the old Camden Convention Hall on March 21, 1941!


We'll take a look at the front page first, in the video, I did a total read through of this, but some of the text is faded and its creased obviously in some points.  The big points of interest are that Joe Cox is on a hot streak, is looking to stay on top and in his last bout, knocked out the referee! Yes there was a ref bump! Also a lot of promoters have been looking to book him vs Leo Numa, and it was considered a big deal to get the match to headline the upcoming show.

Also of interest is the hype for the women's bout between Women's Champion Mildred Burke and Cowgirl Patsy Miller, who is put over as being a tough contender for Mildred's title with her punching prowess possibly being a huge factor in the contest. Plus, Cox's previous opponent Lou Plummer was looking to get back on the right track in his match,a and that on the under card was Paul Boesch, who would go to run the Houston wrestling territory.

The interior is pretty cool, giving a total break down of the card, and two great promo photos for the lady wrestlers. Make note of the 'nicknames' and 'descriptions' some got. Joe Cox is the Rough and Ready Missourian, Leo Numa the Blond Sensation, Mildred Burke the Queen of Modern Amazons... you can just imagine these folks getting their names announced by Michael Buffer with those epic 'descriptions'. 

It's cut off at bit at the bottom, but what it says 'Trickets can be purchased in advance at our new agency, "Bond Clothes, 16th and Chestnut St. and Gimbels, Ninth and Chestnut St, Philadelphia, PA

When I first looked at the back, it was pretty obvious there were directions to get to the old Convention Hall, and tips to get tickets in advance... the rest of it I didn't think it was relevant because it was obvious to me until I was reading it out loud for the video, that this was details on some of the wrestling fans that attended recent shows! One was a Mess Sgt at Fort Dix who apparently got back to the base late, another an Undertaker who was picking wrestling over his business, a woman who attended the show with a broken arm.

Ghostbusters Containment Unit Art: Darkness At Noon Part 1

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Sometimes it doesn't occur to me to save the image I use on the title cards of my videos... and I'm going to try and make effort to do so from this point forward in cases where I don't use the same image repeatedly.

This Week's Lineup (January 8 2017 to January 15 2017)

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This week sees the return of Agents of SHIELD watch and reviews to the line up on Tuesday nights, which means that Gotham, Supergirl, The Flash, Arrow & Legends of Tomorrow are also on the horizon. What this means is that both Tales from the TARDIS and Talking Anime will end up going back to once a week segments with bonus episodes filling in every so often. Of course I will post my plans to keep myself on track and so that you can keep up as well

Sunday: Sherlock: "The Lying Detective" (S4, Ep2)

Monday: Doctor Who: The Web Planet Part 6 (Tales From The TARDIS)
Monday: The RAW View - The Flying Mare

Tuesday: Agents of SHIELD: "Broken Promises" (S4, Ep9)
Tuesday:  ???

Wednesday: Blue Seed Episode 17:  "Let it Bloom Japan! A Blizzard of One-sided Love!!" (Talking Anime)
Wednesday: ???

Thursday: Get Smart #6 (Comic Book Review)
Thursday:  ???

Friday: Blue Seed Episode 18: "Geez!! Oh, Man!! Sakura's Not Good Enough!?" (Talking Anime)
Friday: Doctor Who: The Crusade Part 1 (Tales From The TARDIS)

Saturday: Evil Brain From Outer Space (Basement Matinee / Movie Review)
Saturday: Star Trek: The Next Generation: The Hunted (Treks & Voyages)

Sunday: Sherlock: "The Final Problem" (S4,Ep3)

Star Trek Judgetment Rites Marathon | Fred Casden's Basement Live! #TeamEmmmmsie

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Tonight I did a straight play through of the final four missions of Star Trek Judgement
Rites, and didn't quite get perfect scores... but still this was fun. --
Watch live at

The OA: Invisible Self

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I'm wrapping up my look at the Netflix Original Series 'The OA' tonight, with episode 8, titled Invisible Self... because I had to see how it ended after watching episodes 6 and 7 earlier!


Well that was a big left turn with the final episode in the season, with doubts raised about everything! Opening with Prairie finishing her story and then everyone in town showing up in the house, seeing her with Ms. BBA, Jesse, Steve, Buck and French… seeing French discover books in the Johnson’s house that make him believe everything Prairie said was made up… plus truths like Prairie left a note and Nancy hiding it from Able because of her greed to be loved… and the conclusion… revealing that all five movements were in fact important to help Prairie cross over but not in the way we would’ve thought.

Now I haven’t read what others have said or wrote about finale, but for me, personally… it makes sense… Priarie has had visions at key moments in her life, one for when she first died, the second for when she met HAP… and the third being a large room with glass windows all around… and it vision of a school shooting… and she rushes to try and stop it… but in a great bit of bravery, BBA, Jesse, Steve Buck and French use the movements to distract the gun man who when he’s tackled fired and hits Prairie who probably just arrived at the instant the fifth and final movement was done. And Prairie crosses over… Steve hears her ‘leaving’ and wants to go with her… proving that she was telling the truth all along.

Oh yeah.. the fifth movement… where did that come from? Well remember the Sheriff whose wife has ALS? HAP managed to give him hope saying his ‘prisoners’ can heal her, which Prairie and Homer reluctantly do… and it turns out that the Sheriff’s wife had the 5th movement all along, and she was waiting until she met the two angels that she was told she would meet when she had a NDE as a little girl. This unfortunately means HAP ends up getting the fifth symbol and he ends up ditching Prairie in the middle of the no-where cause since he knows all the movements he can be the fifth and cross-over with Homer & the others… which leads to everything Prairie said that happened, about her coming across a shelter and us seeing her jump off the bridge in the first episode. But was HAP successful we don’t know, the last image of the episode is Prairie in a white room asking ‘Homer?’ if unsure… and we are left with questions.

With that said, there wasn’t a single stand out performance in this episode… but the moment of the group’s movements to distract the shooter stands out as a perfect moment, cause it easily could have gone so wrong, but it does show the positives that has come out of things… cause just before it we see the Ms. BBA has lost her job but she isn’t upset about, Steve hasn’t been shipped off to Asheville, Vu, Jesse and French are seemingly back in their own world… but when the danger happened, all five came together… and it was just perfect

So on that note… should their be a season two? Answer is yes… or at the very least a two-hour film of sorts, because the fact that ‘doubts’ were raised within this episode and the ending kind of shows there is something more that proves the ‘truth’ to the viewer, and there is something to be explored there. Because wouldn’t it be something if we saw Prairie return with Rachel, Scott, Homer and Renata, the first five and the second five encounter each other… so as you can tell, I’m on the side of everything within the context of the show being truth because with the 'multi-world' theory being introduced, it opens up a real of possibilities!

And on that note, that’s the final episode of the OA first and hopefully not last season… a few days earlier than I planned but hey, it’s my channel / site, I can change plans.

9/20/2019 A Night Of Ultimate Marvel Vs Capcom 3

This was an interesting stream as I streamed Ultimate Marvel Vs Capcom 3, and we had issues with a troll in the later stages of it. Now lets...