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The Flying Mare Wrestling Magazine, 1941

Hello Dwellers and Welcome to the Basement...
This is a special edition of the RAW View, we're talking wrestling, but we're going back to the 1940s! I was recently sent a copy of the print newsletter that was called the Flying Mare which hyped up a big night of action that took place at the old Camden Convention Hall on March 21, 1941!

We'll take a look at the front page first, in the video, I did a total read through of this, but some of the text is faded and its creased obviously in some points.  The big points of interest are that Joe Cox is on a hot streak, is looking to stay on top and in his last bout, knocked out the referee! Yes there was a ref bump! Also a lot of promoters have been looking to book him vs Leo Numa, and it was considered a big deal to get the match to headline the upcoming show.

Also of interest is the hype for the women's bout between Women's Champion Mildred Burke and Cowgirl Patsy Miller, who is put over as being a tough conten…

Ghostbusters Containment Unit Art: Darkness At Noon Part 1

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Sometimes it doesn't occur to me to save the image I use on the title cards of my videos... and I'm going to try and make effort to do so from this point forward in cases where I don't use the same image repeatedly.

This Week's Lineup (January 8 2017 to January 15 2017)

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This week sees the return of Agents of SHIELD watch and reviews to the line up on Tuesday nights, which means that Gotham, Supergirl, The Flash, Arrow & Legends of Tomorrow are also on the horizon. What this means is that both Tales from the TARDIS and Talking Anime will end up going back to once a week segments with bonus episodes filling in every so often. Of course I will post my plans to keep myself on track and so that you can keep up as well

Sunday: Sherlock: "The Lying Detective" (S4, Ep2)

Monday: Doctor Who: The Web Planet Part 6 (Tales From The TARDIS)
Monday: The RAW View - The Flying Mare

Tuesday: Agents of SHIELD: "Broken Promises" (S4, Ep9)
Tuesday:  ???

Wednesday: Blue Seed Episode 17:  "Let it Bloom Japan! A Blizzard of One-sided Love!!" (Talking Anime)
Wednesday: ???

Thursday: Get Smart #6 (Comic Book Review)
Thursday:  ???

Friday: Blue Seed Episode 18: "Geez!! Oh, Man!! Sakura'…

Star Trek Judgetment Rites Marathon | Fred Casden's Basement Live! #TeamEmmmmsie

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Tonight I did a straight play through of the final four missions of Star Trek Judgement
Rites, and didn't quite get perfect scores... but still this was fun. --
Watch live at

The OA: Invisible Self

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I'm wrapping up my look at the Netflix Original Series 'The OA' tonight, with episode 8, titled Invisible Self... because I had to see how it ended after watching episodes 6 and 7 earlier!

Well that was a big left turn with the final episode in the season, with doubts raised about everything! Opening with Prairie finishing her story and then everyone in town showing up in the house, seeing her with Ms. BBA, Jesse, Steve, Buck and French… seeing French discover books in the Johnson’s house that make him believe everything Prairie said was made up… plus truths like Prairie left a note and Nancy hiding it from Able because of her greed to be loved… and the conclusion… revealing that all five movements were in fact important to help Prairie cross over but not in the way we would’ve thought.
Now I haven’t read what others have said or wrote about finale, but for me, personally… it makes sense… Priarie has h…