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Blue Seed: Lost & Trembling on a Trip to Michinoku

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We're Talking Anime, and we're up to episode 15 of Blue Seed with 'Lost & Trembling on a Trip to Michinoku', is this where Murakumo's plans are truly revealed? Can Momiji learn not to compete with her sister?! I go over this and more in this review!


The TAC realizes what Murakumo and Kaede are up to, because of how man has kind of being tearing up the Earth in recent centuries with no regard to the plant life, it’s to try and focus the Earth’s hatred into world wide Armageddon. This realization of this comes with speculation that the Kappa Aragmi seems to be defending a certain tree with a shrine. This is not the first time we’ve seen this come up in the series, so it holds true to reason that many of the planets that are turned into Aragami creatures may have similar mentalities of just want to be left standing and not disturbed by man. 

We learn quite a lot about Kaede, and she truly is the opposite of Momiji in every single way, with everyone talking about how smart, beautiful and graceful she is… while Momiji can be ‘a klutz and exasperating’, she isn’t as smart as her sister, doesn’t think she’s as beautiful… and this shakes Momiji’s confidence to the core quite a bit, to where its Matsudaira telling her to just be herself and stop trying to compete in ways you can’t, but to compete in was you can.

Speaking of Matusdaira, we know she is obsessed with her work which she puts ahead of everything else, but that positive side of that comes up in a big way in this episode, as she sent Koume and Yaegashi to pick up a ‘microbe’ that could be used as a weapon against the Aragami. She has a task, she focuses on it and will keep focusing on it until the battle is one with SCIENCE!

The was a lot of comedy in this episode with Koume and Yaegashi, and you can tell she’s sweet on him… probably because she’s more of a guy than he is personality wise. Still it’s amazing Yaegashi wasn’t hung over the hell the next day with how much drink Koume forced down his throat. The construction foreman ‘eagerness’ to get the job done and having to deal with things beyond his control and his building being demolish is over the top funny. Sakura Yamazaki pops up in this episode as well, and is certainly in that ‘effective’ comedy relief role, particularly with her ego and complaining about Momiji stealing her spotlight.

Episode 16 will be reviewed on Saturday!

The OA: Champion

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We're up to episode three of the Netflix original series 'The OA', which is titled 'Champion', where we see just how life was for Prairie with Dr. HAP


In this episode we don’t get much in the way of knowing more about Prairie’s group, Steve and French get into a fight and that they’ve known each other since they were at least 12 years old, and Steve was the dominate one, but in the fight seen in this episode French basically chokes Steve out. Ms.Broderick-Allen lost her brother and doesn’t seem to want to move on from it, so she probably has no family left… but she did get Steve put into an alternate learning class where he sees a girl more off-centered than he is, possibly make him think he’s not that off the rails.

We did get see a lot of what Dr. HAP has done, had four captives, Prairie, Homer, Scott and Rachel, all four of which had NEDs, there was a girl named August and because of HAP’s work, she’s dead. Prairie does win HAP’s trust to be be his ‘house keeper’, even coming up with a way to try and incapacitate him (though nearly killing him by not knowing about his allergy to Tomatoes) and being quite clever to try and find away out of the situation, including following Homer’s plan to get his ring and bill to try and send out a call for him, which kind of back fires.

In terms of the personalities of Prairie’s fellow captives, Homer the star QB has a son and he wants to get word out that he didn’t walk out on him, which was his motivation for coming up with a plan to send out a distress signal, he is perceptive in a way, but kind of dull. Scott seems to be a typical ‘dude’ who’d just sit on the porch with cigarette and a coffee…. Rachel has an interesting back story, she took her little brother and headed down to Nashville to make it as singer but on the way, the van she was driving flipped over and her voice ‘changed’, she certainly has a great singing voice.

The ending of the episode, seeing Prairie actually shoving HAP down a flight of stairs and making her escape certainly was shocking. She hesitated, but we hear the others telling her to run… thing is she’s blind… she gets out of HAP’s house, but she’s in the middle of freaking nowhere! She makes it to a cliff and then is whacked on the head by the butt of a rifle (from what it looked like)

Something that did piss me right the hell off about this episode was Nancy, easily being swayed by some fame-seeking writer looking to get another best-seller off of a ‘returning abducted victim’. I will say this, the writer was right in way about ‘telling a story’ is good to exorcise the situation, but as Prairie says, her story is just beginning.

Stand out performances… well a large chunk of this episode revolved around Brit Marling as Prairie in terms of body positioning and navigation, establishing that once she knows where everything is we can believe Prairie can get around HAP’s place without help, so that’s a credit to Marling’s ability to convey it and make it work. And as a Star Trek fan it was great to see Rosalind Choa pop up as the reporter in a nice little guest spot . I know she’s done a lot since Star Trek Deep Space Nine… but she is still Keiko O’Brien to me.

Star Trek Online - Space Dinos & Old Foes #TeamEmmmmsie

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Got in a twitch broadcast tonight, back to Star Trek Online of course, with some battles
against the Voth and the continuation of the KDF path! -- Watch live

The OA: New Colossus

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Tonight I sat down and watched episode two of Netflix's Original Series 'The OA', and I'm going over the details of Prairie's story, what we learn about French and Buck, and the performances of a couple of the actors in this pokey little review!


We are in night two of my watch and review of the Netflix original series ‘The OA’ and obviously, the second episode ‘New Colossus’ is the topic of the evening

In this episode we actually learn how Prairie / The OA / Nina ended up with the Johnsons, her father smuggled her out of Russia to a boarding school for the blind in America, with her aunt (his sister-in-law) being her guardian. When he died, and there was no money to keep her in the school she went to live with her aunt who from what I saw ran ‘black market baby’ operation, and one day the Johnsons came to ‘buy’ a baby, Nancy saw Nina, saw that she was special and she and Able ‘bought’ her instead. Damn that feels wrong to type. Prairie’s dreams / premonitions lead to sleep walking activities, as she knows / felt they were messages from her father and she ended up being medicated for 13 years.

On her 21st birthday she went to the one place in America where she knew she would find her father because of her dreams, a ‘colossus surrounded by water’… the Statue of Liberty… and while she didn’t find him… she did meet the man that would change her life… Dr. Hap, who heard her play her violin in a crowded Subway, drawn to her… realizing that she had a near-death experience, and has been working to study it, because one day while in the ER as an anesthesiologist he ‘heard’ a ‘swosh’ from the patient as if something was leaving and returning… he sweet talks Prairie into letting him study her… he takes her to his lab somewhere in the middle of no where and locks her in a cage… and this is where she meets Homer.
Now it’s hard to judge Prairie for her actions, as her NED has effected and responding to her dreams / premonitions makes sense, and obviously something ‘bad’ had to happen, so getting these details of the how, the who and the why just makes sense. She’s hopeful and has her beliefs, so it may make her look ‘idiotic’ for the sake of the story she’s relaying to Steven, Buck, French, Jesse and Ms Broderick-Allen, its her being totally honest about what happened.

Now we don’t get much out Steve this time out, but it’s clear Buck, French and Jesse are in need of some help that Prairie saw that he and Broderick-Allen needed. French is time-bomb ready to go off, he’s pushing hard to get a scholarship, having to be perfect due to situations as home, he’s getting a supply of something from Steven (possible cocaine) and he has to do everything on his own, so he’s in the group because of possibly to rely / trust in others. Buck is rather interesting, his / her actor Ian Alexander (according to IMDB) is a transgender male, so that relays to the character who is getting ‘testosteron’ from Steven. Both character seem to have the caught between ‘two worlds’ dynamic, of what they want to be and what they are.

Now lets talk about performances, and what stood out to me was Zoey Todorovsky who played young Nina, and I feel like an idiot about not talking about her yesterday. Considering the range of emotions and scenes she has, much like Brit Marling who plays the older-counterpart, little Zoey makes you brings forth emotion of her situation, with her dialog delivery and her body language. This is a credit to her natural ability, the director and those who helped guide her through her scenes, and right now I can’t think of another actor who of the same age that could do that.

Jason Isaacs (know for his roles in the Harry Potter films, the show Brotherhood) as Dr. Hap certainly got across that his character is way off center, clearly obsessed with his work and even though we are told that he’s not a good dude, he comes across as likeable when he encounters Prairie in the subway, and I was certainly lured into a false sense of security with how charming the character was presented.

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