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The OA: Homecoming

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Today I'm starting my watch & review series of the Netflix Original series 'The OA', starting with episode one 'Homecoming'

Recently I put out a call for recommendations of shows to watch, and one that caught my attention was ‘The OA’, just by the title alone, like what could that possibly mean? Some reviews said it was similar to Stranger Things and I liked that, so today I sat down to watch the first episode… titled ‘Homecoming’ and I liked what I saw and the approach to the story.
We are introduced to Prairie, aka Nina aka the OA…. A once blind young woman who makes am immediate impression by diving feet first off a bridge… and we learn through the course of this episode she’s somewhat special, unique. We learn that she was not not born blind, she was from Russia and some Karma based beings known as the Voi caused an accident to take her life and that of other Russian industrial business l…

Camden Comic Con 2017 News

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With all the stuff I've had to deal with last week, I'm happy that I can report on some news regarding the 2017 Camden Comic Con, as I'm happy to say one of the folks I met last year will be back, that being Diana Leto.

Last year she hosted a workshop on drawing Pinkie Pie from My Little Pony, and of course that actually led to me drawing quite a bit (much to the dismay of some, cause my skills certainly deteriorated a lot from when I used to draw a lot). She is very engaging, quick witted and encouraging at the same time. If you have never had the pleasure of meeting Ms. Leto, then I encourage you to do so! You won't regret it.

Of course as you know, there are a number of other guests that were announced previously, but just a recap:
 Fred Van Lent  Larry Hama Neil D. Vokes Mark Poulton Jon Schindehette Bryan J.L. Glass Mark Morales Pat Shand
That's an pretty damn impressive line up when you get right down to it, and …

Star Trek Online - Neelix, Hirogen & Borg Oh My!

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So making up for my failed Saints Row broadcast, I went back to Star Trek Online... and I should've done this earlier for my first #TeamEmmmmsie twitch stream lol -- Watch live at