Monday, October 16, 2017

Supergirl: Triggers

It's Monday, October 16, 2017...  and here are some quick thoughts on this week's episode of Supergirl, which was titled 'Triggers', which follows up heavily on Lena taking over Cat Co, and Jimmy Olsen is out of the loop on a few things as Lena seems eager to learn the ins and outs of her new company, more drama with Maggie & Alex in their wedding planning and a new villain in town with mental abilities to get what she wants, which is a nice gimmick as she gets in her victims head including Kara's, so it ends up being a 'Supergirl has to overcome this power' type challenge, mainly exposing Kara being claustrophobic and when she got launched to Earth from Krypton, but instead its her feeling guilt over Mon-El possibly being dead. The villain, named 'Psy' (clever) is pretty wicked and tf there is one thing this episode is doing based on last week is that it appears that Supergirl is going to be facing a lot of mental adversity this season.Now the character of Psy, I think debuted back in 1982 in issue #1 of The Daring New Advnetures of Supergirl as a reoccurring nemesis.

There is a subplot with a single mother who managed to show some incredible strength in last week's episode and her daughter who punched someone out at school. I really wonder where this is going. Because if I remember right, the end of previous season saw something or someone else launched from Krypton. The mother snapping on her daughter (Ruby) over admitting she has powers or not was really touching and the girl running away because she doesn't want to be considered a liar was spot on. Where these crossed over with the main plot is that Ruby happened to be where Psy was attacking and text her mother to come get her. This little plan nearly works when a wrecking ball comes down on them but Supergirl arrives in time.

The big thing is at the end of the episode we learn the mom's name is Samantha Arias and according to various wiki's she is really 'Reign' a Kryptonian bio-weapon called a Worldkiller who debuted in 2012 in DC Comics. So yeah, this is gonna be really interesting.