Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Bear With Me Episode 3 Highlights and Blurb

Here are highlights from my October 10, 2017 broadcast of Bear With Me Episode 3

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So I finally played Bear With Me Episode 3 to officially finish the game having streamed episodes 1 and 2 earlier in the year... and man oh man... was this episode a real kick in the crotch. Without giving any spoilers, this was the second game I played this year where I actually cried (the other being Minecraft Story Mode Season 1). The puzzles are pretty straight forward but I did run into a glitch part way through where I actually had to restart the game from the beginning. Still I highly recommend playing the game, all three episodes, it's really awesome.

Star Trek Online Highlights and Tonight's Trek Tunes Playlist

Ah... just another Thursday which saw Star Trek Online being featured. On this week's broadcast I tore through the bland Breen story arc...