Saturday, September 16, 2017

Mass Effect Graphics Glitch Fix on Peak 15

It's Saturday September 16, 2017... and during my twitch stream of Mass Effect last night, I ran into the 'Graphics Glitch' that happens on all PC versions of Mass Effect that turns just about everything into a texture-less black blob. Of course knowing the game has been around for nearly a decade, I figured I would find something to fix this problem. I did so I am sharing those instructions with you here!

First open a Windows explorer window and go the file location:
Documents > BioWare > Mass effect > Config

Second, open the file BIOInput (you should be able to open this with any .txt editor like notepad)

Third scroll down to where it says Engine.Console

Fourth: type this below Engine.Console: ConsoleKey=Tilde

Save and close the file.

Launch Mass Effect... and press ~ to open the in-game console

In the console type: viewmode unlit'
-What this does is turns off the special lighting effects used for shadows and such.

Once past Peak 15 (and I believe Noveria as a whole) you can switch the lighting effects back on by pressing ~ and typing viewmode lit

So with that said, why does this glitch happen? Well from what I read, apparently it was an error done by the game developers combined with the advancement of technology.

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