Monday, February 6, 2017

Doctor Who The Space Museum Part 4: The Final Phase

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We're kicking off the week with part four of my review of the Doctor Who story 'The Space Museum'

Doctor Who
The Space Museum Part 4: The Final Phase
Original Airdate: May 15, 1965
Viewers: 8.5 Million (No Change From Previous Week)
Next Episode: The Chase Part 1: The Executioners 

It amazes me how far Barbara has fallen as a character to where she was planning an attack on the Zarbi in the Web Planet to fending for herself in The Crusade.. to being gased out in a closet

For the most part The TARDIS crew has very little to do in this episode but just wait for the locals to over throw the Moroks

The revolution story just doesn't have any weight to it, it's not boring, just very uninteresting in the grand scheme of things.

Two key elements happen at the end of the episodes, The first being the Doctor obtaining a time space visualizer and a closing scene showing a Dalek reporting that the TARDIS has left the planet of the Space Museum to set up the following story 'The Chase'

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