Friday, February 3, 2017

Doctor Who The Space Museum Part 3 'The Search'

Hello Dwellers and Welcome to the Basement...
Today we're going over Part 3 of the Doctor Who story 'The Space Museum with 'The Search'! 


Doctor Who
The Space Museum Part 3
‘The Search’
Original Air Date: May 8, 1965
Viewers: 8.5 Million (Down 700,000 from previous week)

The Doctor is a non-factor in this episode, having being captured and taken to be put inside of Museum Case seen in part 1

Ian takes on and defeats a half dozen Moroks by himself, takes the gun off on and makes him take him to where the Doctor is. People forget that he was intended to be the action hero of Doctor Who, not the Doctor.

Barbara ends up locked in a closet… I’m not kidding

Either the youths on this planet are total idiots if they did not realize what Vicki did the instant she saw the machine that asked questions that had to be answer truthfully… that the questions and answers could be reprogrammed!