Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Blue Seed Episode 25 "All or Nothing! Decision! My Fate!"

Hello Dwellers and Welcome to the Basement...We are down to the final two episodes of Blue Seed, and today we're going over episode 25 "All or Nothing! Decision! My Fate!"


Blue Seed
Episode 25
"All or Nothing! Decision! My Fate!"
Original Air Date: March 22, 1995
English Air Date: January 29, 2000

The TAC are prepared for the final battle, if their plan of amplifying Momiji's Kushinada Energy fails, then the US will nuke Japan

Turns out Murokumo was actually Orochi all along, which makes sense considering Blue Seed is based on the myth that he, Susano-Oh and Princess Kushinada are originate from.

We get one last reminder at just how opposite Kaede and Momiji are when Momiji pleads for her sister to help save the world, but Kaede only cares about plants, leading Momiji to vow to defy her sister with every ounce of her being

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