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WWE Royal Rumble 2017 Reaction (Includes All My Notes)

Hello Dwellers and Welcome to the Basement...This as you can tell will be my review and general reactions to things that occurred at the WWE Royal Rumble pay-per-view held on January 29, 2017


The following is my notes that I took during the matches as well as any talking points I wanted to bring up in the video version.

Match 1
Becky Lynch, Naomi & Nikki Bella vs Alexa Bliss, Natalya & Mickie James
-Alexa Bliss is the reigning SmackDown Women’s Champion
-Match started at 5:37 EST
-Standard six-person tag, starts with the faces on top in the early going before the heels took over after commercial break
-Becky played babyface in peril following being thrown into ring side barrier by Mickie James
-Hot Tag was given to Naomi, match broke down into the series of big moves until it game down to Naomi & Alexa 1 on 1
-Naomi pinned Alexa Bliss following a split-legged moonsault
-Match ended at 5:47 PM EST
-Cool spot: a triple vertical supelx from Becky, Naomi & Nikki to the heels

Match 2
RAW Tag Team Championship Match
-Two referees assigned to match
Sheamus & Cesaro defending against Luke Gallows & Karl Anderson
-Love the combined entrance of Sheamus and Cesaro incorporating both of their trademarks (Sheamus’s white light, Cesaro suit tear off)
-Match Started at 6:04 PM EST
-Solid tag match, Cesaro & Sheamus are a great team who complement each other perfectly, which high impact moves and signature spots while Anderson & Gallows are about as generic and cookie cutter as it gets, the punch the clock and game to have a match
-Cesaro & Sheamus had the early advantage, until it was time for Challengers to get some heart, with Cesaro playing the face in peril
-Hot tag to Sheamus occurred after mid-match commercial break, he hits the team beats of the dohran and a big flying tackle off the ropes
-Cool Spot: The super white noise double team from Ceasro & Sheamus to Gallows
-Game Changer: Anderson missed a flying big boot to Cesaro, hitting Sheamus, and nearly stole a win but the second ref saw his foot on the ropes. Match for an extended period was Anderson & Cesaro, until Gallows came into the Magic Killer, Sheamus accidentally Brogue Kicks one of the two referees, second ref enters match
-Finish: Sheamus lost his cool hitting anything that moved and ended up getting caught with the Magic Killer, Cesaro takes out Gallows & Anderson rolls him up and hooks the tights to steal the victory
-New Tag Team Champions Crowned
-Match ended about 6:16 PM EST

Match 3
Sasha Banks vs Nia Jax
-Match Started: 6:33 PM EST
-Sasha jumps on Nia right off the bat and tries to use her speed to overcome Nia’s power
-Match formula was the standard big vs little, for when Nia corners Sasha it got real ugly for the Boss real damn quick
-Sashe tried to lock in a standing version of the Bank Statement but Nia is just too big too strong
-Nia goes after Sasha’s recently injured knee, using the stretch Muffler to hang Sasha upside down
-Game Changer: Nia missing a corner charger and hits the ring post, allow Sasha to get a flurry in
-Finish Nia powers out of a pinfall following Sasha’s Double Knees, and squashes her with a Samoan Drop
-Match Ended: 6:39 PM EST

In Ring Segment:
-Shawn Michaels made his way to the ring to the delight of the home town crowd
-He talks about his match with Sid at the 1997 Royal Rumble where he won his 2nd WWF Championship
-He talk about who may win the Royal Rumble, gauging the crowd on names Brock, Goldberg, Strowman & Undertaker
-Only Taker got a positive response reaction, granted Taker is a Texas

Match 4
RAW Women’s Championship
Charlotte Flair defending against Bayley
-Charlotte has been RAW Women’s Champion since Roadblock: End of the Line in December
-Bayley blew the roof off the Alamadome with her entrance
-Match Started: 7:09 PM EST
-These two had incredible matches during Charlotte’s reign as NXT Women’s Champion , and this was no exception, Bayley gets the most out of Charlotte and keeps her on task, as opposed to Sasha who is more of a ‘spot fest’ performer. When Charlotte is on offense the crowd is 100% behind Bayley, showing that that the heel / babyface dynamic still works when done right
- Character: Charlotte pointing out Bayley is just a ‘fan’ lead to a great fire up spot from the Hugger of San Jose
-Big near fall following a Macho Man like Elbow from Bayley to Charlotte, Charlotte used the ropes to apply extra pressure when applying The figure-4
-Appears Charlotte’s lip was busted open during the match
-Finsh:, Bayley tacking a tumble from the top ropes following a shove from Charlotte, which lead to a set up of the Natural Selection on the Apron for the win
-Charlotte is 16-0 in Championship matches on PPV and retains the Women’s Title
Matched ended: 7:24 PM

Match 5
WWE Universial Championship Match
No DQ, Chris Jericho locked in a shark cage that will be hanging over the ring
Kevin Owens defending against Roman Reigns
-Kevin Owens has been Universal Champion since the August 29, 2016 episode of RAW
-Owens comes out first despite being the reigning Champion, but because Jericho has to go in the shark cage, it makes sense
-Reigns is boo’ed out of the building upon his entrance, also most of Roman’s main event matches have been gimmick matches to hide the fact he just sucks as a performer
-Before the match starts: Jericho & Owens attack Roman, Roman turns the tables, bounces Jericho off the cage and threw him in
-Match Starts: 7:39 PM EST
-Match was basic garbage wrestling 101 - lots of props and toys (chairs, steel steps and such) used through out the match with a lot of action out of the ring
-Match spills out in the crowd early on, again to hide Roman’s very limited ability, Roman dominates the early portion until the match returns to the ring area where Owen’s takes over and they trade momentum through the bout
-Intrigue: Owens built some sort of tower of chairs with the intent to power bomb Reigns through it from the ring apron.
-Owens frog splashed Reigns through a table 10 minutes into the match
-Jericho is heard through out the match and rattling the cage before he drops down brass knuckles to Owens which leads to Owens mocking Reigns Superman punch set up and execution, getting a near fall
-Owens got another near fall hitting an ugly ace crusher on Roman nearly 20 minutes into the match
-Owens ends up crashing through the tower of chairs late in the match following a superman punch after trying to suplex Reigns through them from the top rope. Reigns power bombed Owens through an announce table afterward
-Finish: Braun Strowman interfered in the match attacking Reigns and choke slammed him on an announce table, and powerslammed him through a table that was in the ring. Owens gets the pinfall victory
-For the end result, the match went too long, as Roman’s limited ability and the over use of props just had this match go on too damn long. At the very least it was acknowledge Strowman’s actions were in retaliation to being speared by Roman in recent weeks
-Match Ended: 8:03 PM EST

Backstage Segment
-Shane McMahon, Daniel Bryan, Mick Foley and Stephanie McMahon around the Rumble Tumbler
-Sami Zayn enters to pick his number, annoys Daniel Bryan for taking his time
-Dean Ambrose arrives, picks his number quickly and Sami’s ball and reveals he will be entering at number eight

Match 6:
Cruiserweight Championship Match
Rich Swan defending against Neville
-Swan has been Cruiserweight Champion since the November 29, 2016 episode of 205 Live
-Match started about: 8:23 PM EST
-Match was fairly even, with a nice up tempo place with plenty of stunning flips and stunts that is typical of a Cruiserweight match
-Neville does dominate more so than Swan, to play into that he was Swan’s mentor, his heel persona and thicker body frame
-Despite a flurry from Swan, Neville bounces him against the ring side barriers, but Swan gets a hope spot following a superkick to Neville when he came off the top rope followed shortly by a 450 tumbleweed whisper in the wind looking maneuver onto Neville when he goes to the outside
-Near Fall: Swan hitting a roundhouse kick for a 2 count about 10 minutes into the match
-Turning Point: Neville crotches Swan on the top rope to set up for a superplex which was counter, they exchange big kicks , Swan counters a German for a roll up and hits a round house for a near fall and a pinfall broken by rope break in each instance
-Finish: Neville does hit the Superplex and then locks in his submission hold to force the tap out
-Match ended at 8:36 PM EST

Match 7
WWE Championship Match
AJ Styles defending against John Cena
-AJ has been champion since Backlash back in September of 2016
-For some reason, AJ Styles enters first despite being the reigning Champion,.
-No delayed entrance for Cena who makes his way out straight away after AJ’s entrance. Roof blown off again for his entrance
-Match Starts About 8:49 PM EST
-It’s a miracle Cena has never hurt his back having to carry all these indy darlings over the years, he dragged another pro wrestling match out of AJ
-Easily the match of the night, back and forth with counters for big move sequences taking place to tell the story that this is evolution from their previous bouts
-First big near fall comes 10 minutes in following a Cena AA, followed by a stiff lariet that took AJ around the world,
-AJ hit a Phonemical Forearm for a near fall of his own, with Cena kicking out rather strongly
-AJ locked in the calf-crusher about 15 minutes which Cena counters into the STF, AJ countered into a roll up and then the STF, which Cena power out of and through a series of counters Cena locked in a figure-four, that AJ counters into a cross-armbreaker which Cena powers out of into a single-arm power bomb. Incredible sequence
-AJ countered Cena’s leaping leg drop and hit a Styles Clash for a near fall at the near 20 minute mark
-AJ went for a springboard 450 but ate Cena’s knees , leading Cnea ot his the Canadian Destroyer for a near pinfall
-Cena ent for the super AA at 23 minutes and got a near fall, and the match should’ve ended right there
-Following a Styles Clash, Cena blocks a Phenomenal Forearm hits two Aas for the win
-Cena is now a 16-time World Champion!
Match ended about 9:15 PM

Main Event
Match started around 9:35 PM EST
Superstars will enter every 2 Minutes This Year (Due to length of the run way from stage to ring)
Royal Rumble Match
1. Big Cass w/ Enzo Amore (They do their routine with the crowd singing along)
2. Chris Jericho
3. Kalisto
4. Mojo Rawley
5. Jack Gallagher (Brings William the 3rd umbrella with him and uses it as weapon even low blowing Jericho with it)
6. Mark Henry
E1: Gallagher by Henry
7. Braun Strowman
E2. Mojo by Braun
E3. Cass by Braun
E4. Kalisto by Braun
E5. Henry by Braun
8. Sami Zayn (Jericho hiding outside the ring)
9.Big Show
E6. Show by Braun
10. Tye Dillinger (NXT The Perfect 10 ENTRY!, Double Teaming with Zayn on Braun
11. James Ellsworth (With Carmella) (Ellsworth hesitates getting into the ring and the distraction nearly resulted in Braun getting eliminated by Zayn & Tye)
12. Dean Ambrose (Dean deeks Ellsworth into entering the Rumble)
E7. Ellsowrth by Braun (Triple team on Braun by Dean, Tye & Zayn)
13. Baron Corbin (Four on 1 on Braun)
E8. Tye by Braun (triple team continues)
E9. Braun by Corbin (Big Pop!) (Jericho still involved, was knocked out by Big Show)
14. Kofi Kingston
15. The Miz (with Maryse, enters at 10 PM) (Corbin intimidated Kofi on the top rope, he ends up falling off the ring post avoiding a swipe from Crobin but catches himself before hitting the floor)
16. Sheamus (Jericho makes his way back into the match, but heats brogue kick, again knocked out)
17. Big E (puts and abdominal stretch on Miz and spanks him before teaming with Kofi)
18. Rusev (w/ Lana) (Rusev suffered a borken nose as a result of a Kofi crossbody, wearing protective mask)
19. Cesaro (Did a lot of big swings on the other Superstars)
20. Xavier Woods (Joins Kofi & Big E to work as a unit)
21. Bray Wyatt (Wyatt has a stare down with Woods, revisiting the New Day / Wyatt Feud)
22. Apollo Crews
E10. Xavier by Sheamus / Cesaro & Sheamus
E11. Kofi by Sheamus / Cesaro& Sheamus
E12. Big E by Sheamus / Cesaro & Sheamus
(New Day eliminated at the same time)
E13. Cesaro by Jericho
E14. Sheamus by Jericho
(Cesaro / Sheamus elimianted at same time)
23. Randy Orton (Rko or Corbin, Rusev, Zane (leaping from top rope)) (Jericho in rumble over 42 Minutes at 10:18 PM)
24. Dolph Ziggler (Hits Superkicks on Wyatt, Orotn, Rusev, Miz, Apollo)
25. Luke Harper
E15. Apollo by Harper
(Appears to target Orton, Wyatt intervense to try an cause peace, Harper takes out Wyatt and was going to hit Sister Abigal on Wyatt before Orton hits Harper with an RKO)
26. Brock Lesnar (w/ Paul Heyman)
E16. Dean by Lesnar
E17. Ziggler by Lesnar (F5 to Miz, Orton)
27. Enzo Amore (Runs in to face Lesnar and gets destroyed with a clothelines)
E18. Enzo by Lesnar
(Jericho appears to suffered an ankle injury following a clothelines from Lesnar)
28. Goldberg (Lesnar waits in ring for him, everyone else laid out), Goldberg spears Lesnar and quickly eliminates him)
E19. Lesnar by Goldberg (Jachammer to Zayn, Wyatt & Orton double team Goldberg but get a double spear)
29. Undertaker (Enters at 10:29 PM) (Undertaker appears in the ring behind Goldberg, they go face to face, Taker goozles Goldberg but it’s broken up by Rusev and Corbin)
E20. Rusev by Goldberg
E21. Corbin by Undertaker
E22. Harper by Goldberg
E23. Goldberg by Undertaker
30. Roman Reigns (Booed out of the building once again and goes face to face with Undertaker)
E24. The Miz by Undertaker
E25. Zayn by Undertaker
E26. Undertaker by Reigns (HEAVILY BOOED, and stare down loud bullshit chants)

Final Four: Reigns, Wyatt, Orton, Jericho (Jericho in full hour at 10:35 PM)
E27. Jericho by Reigns (Following Superman punch, knocking him off top rope)
(Wyatt & Orton double team Roman, who fights out of it))
E28. Wyatt by Reigns
Orton counters spear with RKO
E29. Reigns by Orton
Winner: Randy Orton (Match finishes at 10:38 PM)
Orton wins his 2nd Royal Rumble
Rumors are stating he will be facing Bray Wyatt for the WWE Championship at Mania

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