The Tzenkethi Front - What Works For Me #TeamEmmmmsie,

Hello Dwellers and Welcome to the Basement

This is not a live stream replay, no it's a gaming video done directly for my pokey little YT channel, a little walk through of The Tzenkethi Front, showing you what works for me

  • Target the cruisers first, they support the shields of the Tzenkethi ships that carry the bombs
  • If you get a bomb, put all power to the engines, use your speed to get where you need to as quickly as power
  • You can't use full impulse, but you can use engine batteries and evasive maneuvers for speed boosts 
  • With careful piloting you can launch the bomb near the Tzenkethi bases without them getting a shot off on your ship (as seen in the video, I took out two myself)

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