Friday, January 6, 2017

The OA: Paradise

Hello Dwellers and Welcome to the Basement...

It's Friday and we're kicking the weekend off with part five of my 'watch and review' of the Netflix Original Series 'The OA', with episode 5 of season 1 titled 'Paradise'! 


Hello Dwellers and Welcome to the Basement, it’s Friday January 6, 2017, and first I hope you all have a great weekend!

So let’s get down to talking abut the fifth episode of The OA… titled Paradise… and it’s quite clear we are in the second half of the story, not just because this is the 5th of eight episodes, but because of how the story played out over the course of this single episode. We get a clear cut direction for the remainder of the series: Escape & Rescue

First up, HAP finds another NDE-Angel , a Cuban Guitarist named Renata, who is more than pleased to just let things be… but being a devious douche who is going to get what he wants, breaks up the friendship between Homer and Prairie by bringing Homer down to Cuba, exposing him to actual ‘life’ and ‘freedom’ for a bit in order to kidnap Renata… while in the process getting Homer laid in one of the weird voyeur scenes in a show or movie I’ve ever seen, because HAP is listening in on Homer & Renata while watching via a remote Prairie moving in rhythm with Homer’s actions in her cell, and then he pipes in the ‘banging audio’ to basically shatter the ‘rebellion’ that is taking place. Yeah HAP is one twisted son of a bitch.

All in this episode, it was Scott to be gas / killed / revived repeatedly… and in a desperate act to get out of it, he reveals to HAP that Prairie can now see, and HAP accidentally kills him… and blames it on Prairie when he dumps Scott’s corpse back in his cell. But this isw here things gets a bit interesting, Homer and Prairie start doing their sync-movements… with such a fierceness and ferocity that through miracle, Scott is brought back from beyond, revealing that Prairie was right all along, there are five movements to open a door to the ‘other dimension’ and he has the third… meaning Rachel and Renata will end up with fourth and fifth, their path to escape is there, but it’s gonna take time.

We also learn that why Prairie was looking for 5 in stead of four, she’s going to teach Buck, French, Jesse, Steve and Ms. Broderick-Allen the five movements to open the door so that she can cross over to rescue Homer, Scott, Rachel & Renata. This plays into what Prairie said for them to pretend they trust her because at the end of the story they will, because she is going to be putting a lot of trust in them to not only believe her, but to learn what she has to teach them so that she can rescue the others.

We don’t learn anything new about the New Five, except that the guy guiding French through his Scholarship process finds it odd he’s hanging with Buck, Jesse, Steve & Mrs. BA and that French took it personally that Homer would bang another woman considering the bonding with Prairie over who knows how long at this point. Prairie did meet with FBI counselor again, and HAP did have a visitor from a local sheriff whose wife was dealing with ALS and wanted any kind of help from HAP (who probably would’ve stuck the sheriff’s wife in a fish tank, because this just screamed of ‘hey look there is something redeeming about him!)

Standard out performance in this episode… I’ll give it to Brandon Perea as French, who not only had to convey his characters anger of Homer’s actions, but still trying to be ‘perfect’ and having to be the over-worked son trying to do everything for himself and his family. He has a great scene with Buck (played by Ian Alexander) wondering if they ‘are the good guys’ because HAP was probably like them at one point, and Buck points out you don’t just change ‘like that’, and there is a sense of ‘you will you be what you are intended to be’ being swung around with French. Also big credit to the choreographer, cause the movements that Brit Marling and Emory Cohen have to do in perfect sequence could not have been easy to learn…

Although… Ms. Marling did co-write the OA…. So she probably had this all up in her head, regardless it’s awesome stuff.

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