Monday, January 23, 2017

Supergirl: Supergirl Lives

Hello Dwellers and Welcome to the Basement...

Tonight we welcome back Supergirl to the weekly line up of segments with 'Supergirl Lives' (Season 2, Episode 9).

Note: This will have spoilers, you have been warned

Maiden of Steel

These are the notes I took during the episode

Opening sees Supergirl & Guardian (Olsen) dealing with Jewel Thieves, Winn gets involved and smacked around, Supergirl is annoyed with Guardian's 'help', plus she is bored 'mundane' crimes. Alex and Maggie are hitting it off, they spent the night together and Alex is just glowing.

A woman comes to Kara and the Chief Snapper Carr looking for help to find her missing daughter. Kara wants to help, Carr is less than thrilled because he was denied 5 minutes of peace, his coffee and dansih. Kara goes to Maggie Sawyer for info, turns out there is an increase in missing people, they all had blood work done

Mon-El now works at the alien dive bar, and it suits him just fine.  But he wants to Help Kara out so he takes the day off. Mon-El tells Kara it's smart to not go looking for trouble.

Routlette is shown helping a scientist finding perfect candiates, Kara and Mon-El go to where the blood work facility is.  The scientist tells them they are doing experimental supplment. He puts them in front of a machine and reveals himself to be an alien, he escapes Supergirl pursues and ends up on an alien world  that has a red son, draining her powers . Mon-El comes through and helps. They head towards a large ship, walking and chatting before Mon-El ends up getting caught in a trap by a hunter named Joe. Supergirl shows him the photo of the missing girl and they are informed they are Mondora, known as 'Slavers Moon'. She and Mon-El surrender themselves to get into the Red Fortress. She finds Izzy who is shocked that Supergirl is there and she's shocked Roulette is there. Roulette ended up on Slavers Moon because one of her fighters told her about it and since she specializes in slave trading it works to her advantage sine the planet is rich in diamonds. Supergirl defies the slavers and ends up being electrocuted multiple times because she will not give up, which lead the other humans  and Mon-El to lend her a hand. When they escape, an alien seems to recognize Mon-El and says he is not to be harmed

Because Winn ended up getting involved with The jewel heist stoppage, and got his ass kicked, he is pissed that Olsen doesn't seem to care.  Alex finds the facility where Supergirl & Mon-El went and J'onn recongizes the tech as a 'stargate'. J'onn can't go because Mandora has a toxic atmosphere. Alex overracts and tells Maggie off blaming her happiness on Supergirl being in trouble.  Alex leads a team and takes Winn with them, but he doesn't want to go, he's scarred about getting hurt again.  When they arrive on the Mandora, Winn is left to 'dialer them home' while Alex and the DEO troops go searching for Supergirl. Winn is attacked and managed to defend himself with a rock. Winn gets his confidence back and is going to rejoin Olsen on the streets

A yellow sun gernade is used to give Supergirl her powers a kickstart for a big finish, Joe the hunter also helps by taking out one of the villians and comes ot earth with the rescuees . Episode ends wit Kara reuniting the missing girl with her mother. Kara turns in the story to Snapper, saying she's gonna follow her heart as a reporter. He seems dismissive at first but when she leaves  he says 'that a girl' . Alex apologizes to Maggie for going nuts  and Maggie  figures out that Kara is Supergirl and gives her one more chance. Mon-El brings Supergirl some club soda and admits he was wrong about the whole 'getting involved / being a hero' deal. He says the prince on Daxem wasn't worth admiring, and he made a decision that he wants to be a superhero.

On slavers moon, the aliens looking for Mon-El  learn that he's on Earth

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