Sunday, January 1, 2017

Star Trek Voyager: 11:59

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We offically close out 2016 with a quick review of the Star Trek Voyager episode 11:59 (Season 5, Episode 23) where we learn about one of Captain Janeway's ancestors who isn't exactly that Janeway thought she was.

  • Premiered May 5, 1999 (one would assume this would've been held over until December and be the winter break episode for the 6th season, but I guess with all the Y2K paranoia they didn't want to jinx it)
  • The scene where Tom Paris tells Janeway that there was no 'O'Donnell' that worked on any of the Mars Missions is great because we rarely if ever saw Janeway getting taken down a peg (even though she does get her 'heat' back)
  • This episode is Kate Mulgrew's best performance during her time on Voyager because she wasn't playing a Mary-Sue character and was playing someone normal
  • Kevin Tighe was fantastic as Henry Janeway
  • The scene where Shannon is willing to give up her future to stay with Henry is very well done
  • Neelix's comment about Seven wanting to have a little 7 of 9.5 running around and her resulting death glare is perfectly well timed light moment.
  • The aged-up make up on Mulgrew for the 'elderly version of Shannon' is just horrific

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