Star Trek Online: Gravity Kills - What Works For Me #TeamEmmmmsie,

Hello Dwellers and Welcome to the Basement

The new Star Trek Online Special Task Force mission Gravity Kills can be full of frustration, so here is my guide to try and keep it as easy as possible when chasing Hawking particles.

  • All power to the engines: If you're going after the Hawking particles, you got to use your speed and piloting skills, avoid engaging the enemy at all costs
  • Don't use full impulse when chasing Hawking Particles, but do use it if you're not under attack to escape from the black hole
  • If you get sucked into the black hole, hit the button to 'warp jump', otherwise you will need to re-spawn
  • If you have engine batteries use them
  • Save evasive maneuvers for a speed boost for after you get a Hawking particle, also helps to try and escape black hole.

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