Monday, January 9, 2017

Sherlock: The Lying Detective

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We're going over the latest episode of Sherlock with 'The Lying Detective' (Season 4, Episode 2)... and there will be spoilers... heavy spoilers... spoilers so heavy that if I were to pick them up I'd break my back! 


Just how do you follow up on the death a fan favorite character like Mary with a teaser ending with a prerecorded message for Sherlock to save John? By having Sherlock nearly dying to allow John to save him! This episode was very keen on stating a clear obvious direction but at the same time planting seeds for next weeks finale. Overall this was a fantastic episode! 

First and foremost, from this point own there will be spoilers, you have been warned…

Because the big thing about this episode is its ending of the revelation of Sherlock and Mycroft’s ‘brother / sister’ is playing games and is totally nuts, setting up an elaborate scheme apparently to sick Sherlock on the heels of a major public figure who indeed was a serial killer, which in its way allowed for Mary’s request for Sherlock to allow John to save him to take place. It’s amazing how well the pieces fit together… it may seem too perfect, but that is the case of Sherlock, all the pieces of an episode fit together. Now this new ‘Holmes’, playing up the ‘Miss Me’ bit is quite clever indeed, as it seems like Mycroft was under the impression she was locked away somewhere.. but it’s clear she’s been out and about for some time, to get John to stray from Mary, to pretend to be a therapist, and to pretend to be Faith, the get Sherlock on his case, this takes some incredible planning and foresight. Was she counting on perhaps Sherlock to be killed? Who knows, but we do know she reveals herself to John at the end and aims a gun at his face for the big cliffhanger.

Of course she was not the villain in this episode, no, it was the obvious creep Culverton Smith, who used his fame and fortune to have a murder castle built within a hospital so he can ‘unleash’ his urges at will… he did play a perfect counter for Sherlock who was a bit… well way off center, and he nearly got away with everything, but a little too cocky and arrogant, but still he seemed pleased that he got caught, cause now that he’s confessing to everything, he can break into America… which probably says a lot about my home nation.

But lets get right too it, a huge part of this episode was John dealing with his grief with the loss of Mary, and Sherlock realizing he’s all too human since Mary sacrificing herself put a value on his life… and even though he’s looking to save John, in the end they end up saving each other. They are best friends, too damaged souls who have found each other and who lift each other up from their respective depths. When John beats the holy hell out of Sherlock to stop him from apparently attacking smith, and Sherlock saying he’s entitled to do so speaks volumes… and of course John confessing he cheated on Mary by speaking to an illusion of her in front of Sherlock adds another dimension to friendship.

Other things of interest include that Lady Smallwood and Mycroft Holmes are apparently an item… and Mrs. “freakin” Hudson, who steals the show by not only tearing around town in an Aston Martin, by tearing the piss out of Mycroft for not knowing his brother as well as he thinks he does. As a quiet pillar of the show, its so great to see Mrs. Hudson get a huge spotlight put on her.

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