Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Marvel's Agents of SHIELD: Broken Promises

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This pokey little YouTube channel is returning to its weekly format of watching & reviewing various shows, and we're kicking things off with the new Marvel's Agents of SHIELD episode 'Broken Promises (Season 4, Episode 9)


Tonight's episode hit the ground running, carrying the momentum that was established in the first half of the season with the Ghost Rider story arc. There was no wasted scenes, everything had a purpose, establishing elements that will be reoccurring throughout the season.

The rest of this is my notes taken during the episode, spoiler warning is in effect from this point onward.

Aida has made upgrades to herself, disliking the sensation of pain, she has May locked away with a decoy in her place to prove the value of the L.M.D.s, when Radcliff and Fitz go to wipe her harddrive, Aida is certainly enraged for an android, because she was their ‘Shield’. She wants to live basically, her programming is that perfect. She can also take control of hr own O.S. and read her GPS… and she wants the Darkhold, much to Mack’s dismay who is paranoid about the rise of the robots. When she invades SHIELD HQ she kills the power, decks Coulson and turns off LMD-May who appeared to ready to face her, obviously not knowing she herself is android. She puts them in a closet and they get reflective, where it turns out Aida hacked LMD-May’s eyes to spy on their conversation in order to find the Darkhold… while at the same time Fits and Radcliff try to override the SHIELD system to get the power back on and Radcliff has regrets about creating her, raising the question about her being a living being because she show the signs of normal life. Aida takes control of a Quin-Jet to have it turned on Mack & Yoyo. Fitz and Radcliff get the power back up and confront Aida distracting her and Mack decapitates her with out mercy.

Turns out Radcliff is the one behind Aida’s rampage and is speaking to a another Aida (A superior model), because he wants the Darkhold after taking a glimpse of it

Director Mace and Quake lay it out, they are stuck with each other but they can make the most of it, as it’s revealed that the inhuman Simmons met and being held captive is Senator Nadar’s own brother, Vijay. He was on the cocoon for 7 months, plus she’s in league with the Watch Dogs anti-InHuman Group who were waiting for a signal from the Senator. Simmons goes undercover to try and find Senator and is attacked by her assistant under orders from the Watch Dogs, but she fights him off. Vijay tries to appear to his sister’s better nature, and she orders him to be freed. Mace, Quake and Simmons show up at Nadar’s home. The lead watchdog goon says there is someone called the Superior who said to eliminate the InHuman. They attack Vijit who shows super speed and reflexes tacking out the Watch Dogs. Nadar convinces her brother to come with her instead of going with SHIELD and she shoots him on a helicopter. Episodes ends with Vijay’s body being dumped in the ocean When he hit bottom he enters another cacoon

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