Monday, January 16, 2017

Gotham: Mad City - Ghosts

Hello Dwellers And Welcome to the Basement...

We welcome back Gotham to the weekly segments here on this pokey little YouTube channel of mine with 'Mad City: Ghosts' (Season 3, Episode 12). Spoiler Warning Is In Effect

  • Jerome has inspired a cult of 'maniacs', one of whom is working on  way to bring back people from the dead to resurrect Jerome
  • Falcon and Lee put a hit out on Gordan in response to him Killing Mario, Zsasz is professional enough to tell Gordan about it, and treats it as a job .
  • Said hit is called off atfer Lee visits Barnes, realizing that Mario may not have wanted a cure
  • Nygma & Barbara recruited Clayface to act as the ghost of Oswald's father to make him lose his mind, they are playing the long game wanting to break him first then kill him
  • Selina's mother Maria hung around to reconnect with her daughter with some help from Bruce & Alfred, then it takes a turn since someone from her past wants money

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