Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Global Force Wrestling's Lack Of Content Distribution

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The RAW View returns as I turn my sights on Jeff Jarrett's Global Force Wrestling and how at the start of 2017 we as fans have not seen the company made any headway in content distribution! 

  • In 2014, Jeff Jarrett announced the formation of Global Force Wrestling
  • His travels of scouting talent and making announcements of deals with various wrestling promotions was heavily documented
  • GFW was the 'presenter' for New Japan's Wrestle Kingdom 9
  • With a roster of about 20 performers GFW begins running a tour of Minor League Ballparks in Summer of 2015
  • As of January 2, 2017, GFW has ran 35 reported events, 10 were co-promoted
  • There was a report in February of 2016 that a TV deal was secured in New Zealand, no report on if GFW content (claimed to be 16 hours worth) shown
  • Numerous other wrestling promotions have created their own distribution network, either through their own website or partnering with others to make sure content is shown, GFW has made no signs about this

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