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Doctor Who: The Web Planet Part 6

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Today we are wrapping up our look at the six part Doctor Who Story The Web Planet with 'The Centre', and I'll be going all the paths that lead to the conclusion of perhaps the most underrated Doctor Who story of all time!.


Doctor Who
The Web Planet Part 6 "The Centre"
Original Airdate: March 20, 1965, 11.5 Million Viewers (down .5 Million from previous week)

For the life of me, I don’t understand how viewership could’ve went down over the last two episodes, and it’s a trend that sadly will continue for several of the next episodes of Doctor Who

The sixth and final chapter of The Web Planet obviously bringseverything to a close, but the road to get there isn’t as ‘easy’ as one would assume knowing the cliff hanger was The Doctor and Vickie being sprayed with some web-fluid at the end of part 5, and then the Animus declares its intent to kill The Doctor and Vickie, ordering them to be brought to the center… which would seem like it would be part of the plan, however when they were captured, Vicki managed to hide the isotope in the Doctor’s Astral Map device, so things are not good. When they reach the Animus’s center, it it’s basically like Mother-Brain from Metroid as shown in Captain N
The Game Master, with a huge brain and lot of tendrils and tencticles… if this was set in Japan, I’d be worried about Vickie’s purity in such a situation… it declares it’s going to smother them to death and absorb their The Doctor’s knowledge of Space Travel, these abilities as well as that to project a blinding light and with powerful hypnotic talents means that a direct assault on the Animus may not have been totally successful.

With Barbara, she and her group of Menoptera used the captured Zarbi to confuse other Zarbi to create distraction and to enter the Animus’s compound, they end up losing one member of their party along the way, but Barbara finds the isotope Vickie hid, and uses the astral map to help the warn the Menoptera attack force to back off cause they are flying into a bad situation. Then it’s off to rescue the Doctor and Vickie and deal with the Anumus, who’s defense are too much for them to overcome, it even prevents Barbara from using the Isotope.

Down with Ian Vrestin and Optera, they are making their way up to the surface and discover water, that the Animus has been diverting underground, revealing that once it’s destroyed, the water would return to its natural flow patterns, meaning the future of Vortis in more ways than one depends on them being successful, giving Vrestin and the Optera something even more to fight for. They have to climb up and hack their way through the actual surface of the planet to reach their goal, but when they do, they come up right where the Animus is, causing a timely distraction which allows Barbara to kill the Animus and the day is saved! And make note that Barbara, who started off the series as a history teacher is the
one that gets the kill and for all intents and purposes its her plan that makes it all possible.

We get a nice wrap up to the episode, the Zarbi have return to being the basic cows of the planet, water is returning to the pools and rivers, the Optera get to be on the surface after generations of being underground and there could be a possibility future generations could evolve into full Menoptera. Good-byes are said, though Ian is a bit upset about his Coal Hill Tie being a casulity in this story for a
light moment. As the TARDIS leaves, it’s declared that the natives are Vortis will always remember the day the Doctor and his friend came to save their world… and it’s yet another reason why I believe the Nu-Who era needs to revisit Vortiss, cause I want to see how the planet looks ‘now’ following The Doctor’s visit to the world, to see if the Optera learned to fly, if the Zarbi still are cows… even if it’s for 5 minutes for a freaking cold-opening!

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