Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Doctor Who: The Web Planet Part 4 - Crater of Needles

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Tales From The TARDIS returns with my look at part 4 of 'The Web Planet', this episode called 'Crater of Needles', and I'll explain why I want the planet Vortis, The Zarbi, & The Menoptera in 'modern' Doctor Who

  • Broadcast Date: March 6, 1965. 13 Million Viewers (Up .5 Million from previous week!)
  • I love the Optera's costumes, there is enough of similarity between their look and the Menoptera design to see how these two races are off-shoots of one another
  • Considering the Zarbis actions, I'm betting the Optera have dealt with having their people enslaved by the giants ants, leading them to be so distrustful of people from the surface
  • The Doctor could only delay giving the Animus what it wants for so long, and accidentally giving it the information it needed about the Menoptera fighting force while he was looking to turn it's power over gold around was the best way to handle it
  • The Menoptera's plans to fight the Animus and the Zarbi is basically a suicide mission, they don't have the fire power and are hoping on surprise and numbers to win the day
  • Vrestin showing off her wins to the Opeta is a great moment, a total 'You want to see a God, where here I am' moment, considering they believe the Menoptera were 'legends

While I don't want 'The Web Planet' remade, it's quite clear that this is a very ambitious story from the early days of Doctor Who, where the production budget and equipment weren't really able to fully bring to life the scale of the story. But considering everything we've seen on modern Doctor Who, I think a return to Vortis may be in order, cause now we could possibly fully functional Zarbi, the Menoptra flying without it looking like folks hanging from strings, and 'see' the planet without the Vaseline lens glare effect.

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