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Doctor Who: Supremacy of the Cybermen #3

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For this week's comic book review we are returning to Doctor Who: Supremacy of the Cybermen issue #3 of 5 from Titan Comics.


Doctor Who: Supremacy of the Cybermen #3
Cover Date: October 2016
Publisher: Titan Comics

The Story So Far: The Cybermen and Rassilon have entered into a deadly alliance, with Rassilon giving them access to Gailfrey and time travel technology, the Cybermen are re-writing history!

The Cover: The copy I have is Cover A, which featured the 10th Doctor doing his best Spider-Man impressive… no seriously, look at this cover, one slight change with how his right hand is position to that of Spidey shooting-webs and you’d sweat this was Peter Parker… kind of fitting considering how whiny the 10th Doctor could be at times. Also make note the of the Cyberman head, it’s cracked open even more than it was on issue two, showing a skull underneath it. There are two cover variants, Cover B is a photo cover of David Tennant and the cover C features Cybermen from the 5th Doctor Era

The Story: On Prehistoric Earth, With the 11th Doctor, he and Alicia enter a Silurian workshop which has been converted into a Conversion Chamber, where he discovers that the Cybermen are getting packets of data from the very end of time itself, which should be impossible. When they are pursued by the Cyber Silurian’s The Doctor figures to get Alicia to safety, using a transporter to send her to the TARDIS and for her to use the Librarian Protocol. The Doctor, knowing that Cybermen can’t convert a Time Lord, confronts the Cyber-Silurian, but it seems like they have overcome that particular flaw!

On Sontar, The 10th Doctor explains to Gabby & Cindy as to why he has to go along with the Sontar Leader’s plan, because with access to the Sontaran Cloning Facilities, the Cybermen can clone endless supplies of bodies to make into even more Cybermen… and when they attack using portals, he recognizes I t as being Gallifreyan tech and that someone is helping them, because the tech should not exist anymore. Sontar Prime takes a bullet for the Doctor to save him from a Cyberman but things go from to worst with the arrival of the gigantic Cyberkings

In the year 2006, The TARDIS is imploding and The 9th Doctor, Jack Harkness , Rose and Jackie barely escape it. The plan is to get to the flyer they were in and try to fine a safe spot. They make a run for it with Jack supply cover fire, however Rose suddenly begins to covert into a Cybermen and shoots Jack down

At the Capital on Gaillifey, The 12th Doctor meets the General who explains that Rassilon did something to the Eye of Harmony which prevented the Time Lords from launching a counter attack using Battle TARDIS, However the Doctor screams out in pain as the Cybermen’s re-writting of time is starting to have an effect on him as he gets a flood of new memories that I just detailed, including those involving the Sixth, Fourth and the War Doctor… and the comic ends with The Doctor going to have a chat with Rassilon

Thoughts On The Story: The four plots are advance fairly nicely, but the pacing is so quick, we’re just getting the ‘main point’ of each segment of course, with a lot of time spent on the 9th 10th and 11th Doctors, with at least 10 and 11 realizing they Cybermen are getting help.

The Artwork: The same issues I had with the previous two issues occures her, with four different artistic styles, the 9th Doctor content just looks bad in comparison to the style seen with the other 3, though the artwork for the 10th Doctor segments was a close second. That said the splash page with Cyber-Rose standing over Captain Jack is awesome, as is the splash page of the 12th Doctor getting the flood of new memories

Verdict: This is a fine middle chapter of the five part story, with a little explanation as to why the Time Lords were not fighting back and seeing two of the three previous Doctor Incarnation realize the Cybermen are getting help plus that the dangers are even higher with the Cyberkings, Cyber-Rose and the ability of the Cyber-Silurians to covert a Time Lord. We’ll return to this comic next month with part four of the series.

Next Week: It’ll be a different type of comic book trade paperback… which is actually a small trade paperback, as we revisit Max Allan Collins & Terry Beatty’s Ms.Tree

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