Monday, January 23, 2017

Camden Comic Con 2017: Updated Guest List!!!!

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Camden Comic Con, as you know, is April 8, 2017 as the Rutgers Campus in my hometown of Camden, New Jersey... and news has just been coming out continuously about whose going to be there. It is a free to attend event, so you buying tickets in advance, there will be vendors and artists to buy goodies from since it's a convention... and let me tell you, you never know what you might find, last year I took only $150 and came away with one hell of haul of goodies!

In fact, here is last years report on the event! 

But enough about last year, what's happening THIS YEAR!

Well the guest list has grown a lot since the last time I talked about the C3... here's the updated list of those attending

Andrea Tsurumi
Illustrator, Why Would You Do That, Girls Who Code

Derick Jones
Illustrator, Fight Nights in Kowloon, Rumble Moon Vol 1

Dean Haspiel
Artist, American Ssplendor, Spider-Man

Mike Manley
Artist, The Phantom, Batman

Tim Hamilton
Artist, Fahrenheith 451, Dark Horse Presents: Brooklyn Blood

Christia Cassano
Artist, John Leguizama's Ghetto Klown

Jeff Shultz
Illustrator, Archie Comics, Peanuts, Super Suckers

Adam McGovern
Writer, Nightworld, Twice Upon A Time Machine

Diana Leto
Artist, My Little Pony, The Halloween Legion

Fred Van Lente
Writer, Archer & Armstrong, Marvel Zombies

Neil D. Vokes
The Eagle, Superman Adventures

Mark Poulton
Writer, Savage Hawkman, A Cat Named Haiku

Larry Hama
Writer / Artist, GI JoesWolverince, Bucky O'hare

John Schindehtte, 
Owner of ArtOrder, Creative Director For Think Geek

Bryan JL Glass
Writer, The Mice Templar

Mark Morales
Marvel's Spider-Man/Deadpool, DC's Deathstroke

Pat Shand
Writer of Destiny NY

That's one hell of a line up, and none of the workshops or other events have been announced yet! So seriously, if you're in the South Jersey area around on April 8 and are into comic books, you really should come out.

To stay up to date on C3 news, be sure you like their page on Facebook: and to follow them on twitter @CamdenComicCon
Plus, also keep track of their offical page at a

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