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Blue Seed: Lost & Trembling on a Trip to Michinoku

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We're Talking Anime, and we're up to episode 15 of Blue Seed with 'Lost & Trembling on a Trip to Michinoku', is this where Murakumo's plans are truly revealed? Can Momiji learn not to compete with her sister?! I go over this and more in this review!


The TAC realizes what Murakumo and Kaede are up to, because of how man has kind of being tearing up the Earth in recent centuries with no regard to the plant life, it’s to try and focus the Earth’s hatred into world wide Armageddon. This realization of this comes with speculation that the Kappa Aragmi seems to be defending a certain tree with a shrine. This is not the first time we’ve seen this come up in the series, so it holds true to reason that many of the planets that are turned into Aragami creatures may have similar mentalities of just want to be left standing and not disturbed by man. 

We learn quite a lot about Kaede, and she truly is the opposite of Momiji in every single way, with everyone talking about how smart, beautiful and graceful she is… while Momiji can be ‘a klutz and exasperating’, she isn’t as smart as her sister, doesn’t think she’s as beautiful… and this shakes Momiji’s confidence to the core quite a bit, to where its Matsudaira telling her to just be herself and stop trying to compete in ways you can’t, but to compete in was you can.

Speaking of Matusdaira, we know she is obsessed with her work which she puts ahead of everything else, but that positive side of that comes up in a big way in this episode, as she sent Koume and Yaegashi to pick up a ‘microbe’ that could be used as a weapon against the Aragami. She has a task, she focuses on it and will keep focusing on it until the battle is one with SCIENCE!

The was a lot of comedy in this episode with Koume and Yaegashi, and you can tell she’s sweet on him… probably because she’s more of a guy than he is personality wise. Still it’s amazing Yaegashi wasn’t hung over the hell the next day with how much drink Koume forced down his throat. The construction foreman ‘eagerness’ to get the job done and having to deal with things beyond his control and his building being demolish is over the top funny. Sakura Yamazaki pops up in this episode as well, and is certainly in that ‘effective’ comedy relief role, particularly with her ego and complaining about Momiji stealing her spotlight.

Episode 16 will be reviewed on Saturday!

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