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Blue Seed: Let it Bloom Japan! A Blizzard of One-sided Love!!

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We are of course Talking Anime with this review of Blue Seed episode 17: "Let it Bloom Japan! A Blizzard of One-sided Love!!" which puts the spotlight on a member of the TAC that I haven't really had reasons to talk about before...


  • Episode 17
  • "Let it Bloom Japan! A Blizzard of One-sided Love!!"
  • Orignal Air Date: January 25, 1995
  • English Airdate: January 1, 2000

Coming off the heels of episode 16, Mr. Kunikida has a total crisis, throwing himself fully into his work as he questions what is he and the TAC are trying to protect, considering in the Blue Seed Universe, Japan is pretty much ‘unworthy’ of the gods, and it can be argued that a lot of the global industrialization is killing the planet, he can’t really just hand things over to the Aragami cause that means the end of man-kind, so it comes down to what is he fighting for as he continues to due his duty to the best of his ability?

Well enter Ryoko Takeuchi, a character we haven’t talked about much because… well, there really hasn’t been much reason to discuss her. She is nearly always at Kunikda’s side, and this episode does establish the fact that she is in love with him to a strong degree and is worried about his health. Kunikida doesn’t pick up on the obvious signs of affections, deeming himself ‘an old fossil’ and that Takeuchi should find some young guy with. Still it doesn’t dissuade her, she cares about him regardless and knows that if goes down so does the TAC. There are a number of cute scenes between the two, such as Kunikida playing the claw game to try and get a lion Takeuchi says looks like him (only to retrieve a monkey instead), Him coming to her aid when some punks corner her in an alley when she tries to follow him, and her trying to say she loves him but ends up blushing and saying ‘I Love Japan’ to try and cover herself. On the Momiji front, it turns out Kusanagi has been chasing after Kaede for sometime and in this episode is the first time she’s seen him in a while, and it’s when he’s being targeted by an Aragmi that is dealt with via a well aimed bazooka blast by Koume. Momiji and Ryoko talk about ‘going for it’ as it relates to telling Kusanagi how she feels, and Matsudaira teases Ryoko about taking her own advice.

The overall plot is advanced a little bit as Kaede declares herself to be Kaedo Kusanada when out heroes confront her and Murakumo, as they have been using a spell to age Susano-Oh from an infant to adolescence and reinforcement of their plans to wipe out humanity and to make Japan the crown jewel of their new world.

All in all this is a character driven episode, with a lot of it revolving around Mr. Kunikda and Ryoko Takeuchi… which would be fine, if we really got to know her better throughout the series up to this point. Sinve I’ve never read the manga I don’t know if she plays a bigger role in the source material than she does in the anime adaptation.

On Friday / Saturday, we’ll be back to go over the next episode #18 which is… geez…. Oh man… Sakura’s Not Good Enough?!


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