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Blue Seed: “I’m Home! Izumo! The Prologue of Hope!!”

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No politics here, just talking Anime, for we are going over episode 20 of Blue Seed tonight, the episode titled “I’m Home! Izumo! The Prologue of Hope!!” Which means we now down to the final six episodes!


Blue Seed
Episode 20
“I’m Home! Izumo! The Prologue of Hope!!”
Original Air Date: February 15, 1995
English Air Date: January 8, 2000

Today we’re finishing off disc 3 of Blue Seed box-set put out by ADV back in 2005 with episode 20 of the series, titled “I’m Home! Izumo! The Prologue of Hope!!” and giant roots are popping up all over Japan. The Government is on Mr. Kunikida’s ass about putting a stop to it because people are starting to ask questions about it and the Aragami, but he does have a theory that Murakumo and Kaede are taking the now ‘teenager’ looking Susano-O around Japan to certain shrines to absorb its power, and the most important one must be in Izumo where everything began for Momiji… and that is where the focus of this episode remains on, Momiji returning home, six months after being attacked by Orochi and implanted with a mitama.

To show how much Momiji has changed, she is very reluctant to just go home and reconnect with her mother, grandmother and best friend, who notices that Momiji is just bottling everything up and works through out the episode to get Momiji to just open up about the monster attack and being the Kushinada, basically being an outlet Momiji has been needing for quite a while now. Beyond this, Momiji is getting visions of the past, the possible future and now has the ability to communicate telepathically with Kusanagi, thanks to them getting their mitama form the Orochi, (Eight in One, So We Are One) which gives Momiji the confidence she will be able to survive anything because she is ‘never alone’

As far as Kusanagi goes, he’s pursuing Kaede, Murakumo and Susano-O and has a nearly fatal encounter at the start, only surviving because Kaede ordera Muramuko to back off at the last instant, and the episodes climax sees Kusanagi again confronting them. Even though he stands no chance, Kusanagi is pretty damn determined to take out Susano-O.

Also involved in this story is obviously Kunikida, who along with Takeuchi, is looking for the shrine that Murakumo and Kaede need for their plan, and learn from Momiji’s grandmother that the roots that are popping up all over the place is apart of a ritual to create more mitama and potentially a country full of aramgi, basically the army they need to take over the world.

So as we prepare for the final episodes of the series, this episode gives me a ‘calm before the storm vibe’, with little action and character development for Momiji who is able to just be her old self for a bit.

On that note, next week due to the return of Arrow, Supergirl, The Flash & Legends of Tomorrow, we’ll just be going over episode 21, “Goodbye? No Way! Separation with Tears?!” next Friday as we start off the final disc on the box set titled ‘Nightfall’ and possibly go over episode 22 next Saturday. When Arrow (which airs on Wednesdays) goes on hiatus, Talking Anime will act as the replacement segment.

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