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Blue Seed: "Geez!! Oh, Man!! Sakura's Not Good Enough!?"

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This time around on 'Talking Anime', we are up to episode 18 of Blue Seed, titled "Geez!! Oh, Man!! Sakura's Not Good Enough!?", which is the third episode in a row where the story focuses on one character with not much advancement with the overall story.


  • Episode 18
  • "Geez!! Oh, Man!! Sakura's Not Good Enough!?"
  • Original Air Date: February 1, 1995
  • English Airdate: January 1, 2000

Much like the last two episodes, this is episode focuses on a single character.

Since the 8th episode of the series, Sakura Yamazaki has been a reoccurring character, as a rival for Momiji with a huge ego and self-confidence that sees her say and do things in a rather bombastic… you could say it’s because she spent most of her time in the United States… but it turns out that she has a tragic backstory, for a faithful day, her mother was ‘killed’ trying to defeat an Aragami named Nozuchi and this send Sakura down a path of wanting revenge on the creature that took her mother from her… she was basically recruited for her natural gifts and spent years learning her craft, and while she wants fame and fortune, taking out Nozuchi is her biggest priority… but there is a huge problem… on the day her mom was killed, she merged with Nozuchi’s mitama and in order to defeat the giant argami, Sakura must for lack of a better term, kill her mom.

This episode with out question is all about Sakura, it’s her story, her sorry, her anger… she declared that her mother wasn’t good enough to defeat Nozuchi and when it seemed like she was going to end up dead herself, Sakura declared it a family fault. We see her wrestle with the memories of what happened on that faithful day and see that she kind of distracted her mother, so there is probably some hidden guilt there as well.

To make things even more interesting, Nozuchi was basically dormant since the day it took Sakura’s mother, and is only awaken because of Susana-O’s presence and Murakumo and Kaede’s plans, plus plant life all over Japan is dying, so the connection is pretty obvious and the only real advancement of the overall story. Also Because Nozuchi originally awoke the day Momiji and Kaede was born, it could also be a factor in her resentment towards Momiji and referring to her as ‘sacrifice girl’

Speaking of Momiji, she and Kusanagi’s mitama’s are effected and light up when Nozuchi is around, and both just act as support for Sakura for when she has to made the choice she doesn’t want too but in the end she has too. In the aftermath, we see Sakura declare that she is going to target Susana-O next because it’s his fault that she was put in such a situation.

Next Time On Talking Anime, it’ll be Blue Seed #19 "Heat Haze! Start on a Journey! Love, I Won't be Far From You!" and is scheduled for Wednesday!


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