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A Series Of Unfortunate Events: “The Wide Window: Part Two”

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Friday kicks off with my look at next episode of Netflix's Original Series 'A Series of Unfortunate Events' with 'The Wide Window: Part Two' (Season 1, Episode 6)


A Series Of Unfortunate Events
“The Wide Window: Part Two”
Season 1, Episode 6

The conclusion to The Wide Window to me is a bit… lacking and this manly due to how I feel part one was a bit of a downer, so everything in the second half has to over compensate, which took away some of my enjoyment, but not all. From this point on there were be spoilers, thus the spoiler warning is in effect

In comparison to the first half the story, with the long slow build up and dealing with how much of a downer character Aunt Josephine is, the second half is focuses on the Baudelaires working to again expose Count Olaf as Captain Sham… and the complete and utter ineptitude of Mr. Poe to not see what is right in front of him, but his particular preference for proper paper work does come into play in this episode as it relates to the obvious fact that Josephine was still alive, because as I pointed out the statue in the library was missing.

For you see Baudelaires trio sees them discovering the suicide note Josephine left is filled with grammatical errors, which is actually a secret code to tell them where she is hiding, for you see she faked her own death after Olaf revealed himself to her during their fried-egg sandwich date, where he threaten to drown her if she didn’t write said note, leading her to come up with the plan to include grammatical errors and faking her own death when she and Olaf returned to her home, by sneaking off and throwing the statue that was in the library out the window and diving out afterward with out any hesitation but a fear of Count Olaf… and she keeps a waterski fully gassed and ready for use to so she is able to make it out a cave to hide where she would live out the rest of her days… if the Baudelaires didn’t come to rescue her… and if she didn’t eat a banana on their return trip to the main land… and if Olaf didn’t push her off a boat for her to get eaten alive by the Lake Lachrymose leeches…

Yeah you heard right, it kind of surprised me too… but it feeds into Olaf’s character as being a vile villain that you just hope gets his in the end.

But what about Mr. Poe, he arrived in town after the Baudelaires called him to let him know what occurred when they though Josephine took a 100 foot plunge, and despite what he has seen with how eyes in previous encounters with Count Olaf, he does not believe the suspicions the kids have and is more than happy to start the process to allow Olaf as Captain Sham to adopt them over brunch. Thankfully the kids peppermint allergy comes into play and the kids are able to return Josephine’s house and realize everything about the note that I just detail a few minutes ago. Obviously however when Sunny’s teeth come into play to eat the peg leg and expose Olaf’s left foot and the eye tattoo, Poe does at least have the common sense to realize what’s up… unfortunately for him, acting on things that they learned about a mill, the Baudelaires sneak away and when he notices this, Olaf also escapes.

With all that said there were a number of things in this episode that I loved, the entire journey across Lake Lachrymose during the hurricane is well done, Sunny using her teeth to bite and hold onto a door knob as Josephine’s house begins to obvious collapse off of its peculiar perch on a sea side cliff, and that entire scene itself is just awesome, with some nice visual effects and stunt work, and the Baudelaire parents arriving via plane and unknowingly giving their kids an assist by reflecting light down to their boat when it’s stranded and being attacked by the Lake Lachrymose leaches are all great segments.

The stand out scene however goes when the Baudelaire’s find Josephine in the cage and Violet just goes off on her fears, pointing out that she, Klaus and Sunny were all terrified with everything they have been doing but they are pushing onward instead of letting their fears control them the way Josephine. The deliver of the dialog by Maline Weissman gets high marks from me

Also, Patrick Warburton as Lemoney Snicket is just awesome, and with his manner of speaking with that deep voice of his, it just adds something to the show as a whole to where I’m just waiting for him to appear and speak.

And on that note, we have two episode left in the season, and tomorrow it we’ll go over ‘The Miserable Mill: Part One

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